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  • I have just started on a ketogenic diet. Higher in fat than protein and under 20g carbs. I am keeping my foods to all unprocessed and no dairy.

    Is anyone else here doing a ketogenic diet with unprocessed foods(not atkins). How are you going with it?.
  • I keep taking stabs at it. I'm a type 2 and not on any meds, so when I eat ketogenic, my blood sugar levels to much better. But I haven't found the right mix of fat/protein/carbs that I can easily live with. But still working at it.

    I find that I do much better with a very ketogenic breakfast and lunch, then I increase carbs a bit for afternoon snack. I am still trying to find the right mix of macros for dinner that doesn't make my morning blood sugar spike. If I eat more than 25 gm of protein, I'm in trouble. But if I eat less, I feel very hungry. I am still not eating enough fat in the evening. Hard for me to do without dairy.

    I stick with unprocessed foods and my body seems to do better on that. I feel more energized now that I'm entirely off processd foods.
  • It can be tricky getting the ratios right. I have started taking organic coconut oil off the spoon to get in my fat content as I was finding it hard as well. Have you thought about doing that?. It's an easy way of doing it and coconut oil tastes nice enough to be able to do this. I have 3 tablespoons a day.
  • As much as I LOVE the coconut, it really does a number on my digestive tract. I will occasionally have a tablespoon of coconut cream in my morning coffee, but not more than twice a week.

    I do nibble on an occasional pat of butter, I like spoonfuls of tahini, a handful of almonds daily. I put plenty of olive oil on my salads and dress my poached eggs with it. Maybe I should start having breakfast at dinner!
  • It can upset the digestive tract. I have been lucky with that one!. Olive oil kis a good alternative though. Is your fat content higher than your protein?.
  • A lot of people need to take it slow when adding CO to their diet. I was one of those but ow I eat it off the spoon, which repulsed so many people who have seen me do it so I love it even more for the shock value now. Lol!

    I'm also doing keto and have lost 30+ lbs on it. I wrote a keto blog linked in my sig if you care to take a gander at some of my thoughts on it.
  • I believe I'm on a ketogenic diet, though I don't use keto-sticks to determine whether I'm in ketosis.

    I limit carbs to 50 or fewer (usually closer to 30), limit protein to 70-80, and the rest of my calories come from fat.

    Cream, cream cheese, herbed butter, CO, macadamia nuts... it all adds up to a lovely not-hungry, non-craving "sweet spot" of weight loss for me.
  • Quote: ...repulsed so many people who have seen me do it so I love it even more for the shock value now.
    OMG! That totally engaged my sense of humor! Ghost, you slay me!

    I just looked at my numbers for the past week. 61% of my calories came from fat, 22% from protein and 17% from carbs.

    For me, it feels important to eat lots of non-starchy veggies. Like 6 - 9 servings a day. I really need those micronutrients, plus it's another medium for adding fats to my food every day.

    I do like protein in the form of meat and eggs, but I tend to overeat it at times. And when I'm not eating starchy carbs, my blood sugar does pop up from eating too much protein. I struggle with keeping portions lower in the evenings because I workout in the late afternoon and get really hungry later on. The only thing that seems to help is protein. I can't change my workout schedule because I work at a Pilates studio and I need to participate in the workouts with the clients.

    I need to do more tweaking to my diet.
  • Atkins Induction is used for getting into ketosis. Induction is a ketogenic diet. Its 20 net carbs. Check out the scientific facts on the science list on the reddit group r/keto in their FAQ. They give a huge database on all the scientific research that has been published. Lyle McDonalad wrote a book called The Ketogenic Diet and even he discusses the Atkins plan.

    A lot of people start Atkins, go through Induction, and decide they want to stay and they dub that "extended induction." Which leads them to find information on it, leading them to the keto way.

    So, if someone is doing Atkins Induction - they are doing keto.

    Been there, done that.

    Having said that, I have been doing this since Jan. 2013. My loss is slow because I have PCOS (insulin resistant) but I am down 15lb. I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back and osteoarthritis in my hips. Since going low carb my inflammation has been much more bearable and I am also not having as many migraines. My skin has cleared up and my mood has greatly improved. Bonus for me!

    I find it extremely easy to eat fresh foods and nothing processed while staying within 20-30 net carbs a day.

    I dont pee on sticks. I have a Nova Max blood ketone meter to check.

    I had no idea anyone here did Keto. I haven't been by in a while. Nice to see there are others here. I follow the r/keto and their are some other groups on nutritional tracking sites. I post a lot of my recipes on my own website. Its been a lot of fun and I have met some pretty awesome people on this journey.
  • I also <3 r/Keto, r/theketodiet and r/xxketo
    My reddit user name is ghost_in_keto.
  • I have a bit of a bugbear with atkins which is why I said in my first post not atkins . Ketogenic diets existed before atkins was even born, most people don't seem to realise this.

    I hate feeling full and thanks to meds my hormones including insulin are all stuffed up, so the keto diet is the only way to go!. I have found it makes me feel really light so that is bonus.

    How much oil does everyone consume?. And how much weight have people been losing per week?. I am aiming for rapid weightloss because I can't stand being fat anymore and because I have an operation coming up next month under a general and I refuse to big this big due to the risks for it!.
  • On the Blood Sugar 101 website, there's a calculator for figuring out the right macronutrient mix for a ketogenic diet. I try to follow my calculations from the site, because it helps me with my blood sugar the best. I try to eat a range of 25 to 75 gm net of carbs (all in the form of non-starchy veggies and a couple sweet potatoes a week), 140 gm protein and 130 gm fat. I'm tall and my lean body mass is 152 lbs.

    I calculated to lose one pound of fat per week. But I actually lose more weight per week (when I'm following my diet), because for every pound of fat lost, we lose water weight as well. On the scale, if we lose a pound, it's not all fat. In fact, it's mostly water. For me, I am capable of losing (and gaining) 9 to 13 lbs a week, but I wouldn't be able to maintain that rate consistently.

    Weight loss is not a linear thing. But if I stick to the numbers, the weight eventually comes off. If I am pushing the weight training, I will lose more erratically, depending on how hard I'm working. I may lose inches but gain weight or remain the same. That's more muscle being built, which also includes water, but definite fat loss, which is bigger in size than the muscle.

    Find the plan that you can live with, that feels good to your body and allows for a joyful daily life. Add weight resistance exercise and a little cardio. You will achieve your goals eventually. Life isn't a race. It's an experience.
  • I put my info into that calculator, geoblewis and it said:

    Your desired weekly weight loss would require eating an unhealthy starvation diet of less than 1000 calories a day.

    Obviously this website has not caught up with the latest research that has proven starvation mode to be a myth!. If starvation mode existed no one would die of starvation lol.
  • Ha ha! That's true! But you have to remember that the website is for those with blood sugar issues like diabetes. I eat ketogenically so I can manage my blood sugar and hormones. When I have fasted for extended periods of time, it really messed me up. (So disappointed with that, because I really liked doing the intermittent fasting thing!) It didn't improve my blood sugar levels. It did mess up my hormone levels. I just have to be careful. I do have to eat within a half hour of waking up.

    What did you put down as your desired weekly weight loss?
  • try this link:
    keto calculator linked in the sidebar of r/keto