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rho1640 03-20-2012 11:08 PM

Acck help
We were invited out for dinner on Saturday - these are acquaintances not good friends that I can talk diet to. Hubs just said he thinks they are having lasagna - I will eat something before we go but I will have to eat some there ... How can I minimize the damage and repercussions next week. :?:

I seriously haven't gone off plan at all since last June 1st. when I began...

AnaBee 03-21-2012 02:53 AM

Maybe offer to bring a salad, or something like that? I'm gluten intolerant so if this sort of thing came up I couldn't eat it at all (and I'd be scared to eat anything they'd prepared because of cross contamination issues). Obviously it's not so bad for you and it really isn't at all easy dealing with these kinds of situations, the potential for hurt feelings etc, but you know the effect the carbs would have, so you've still got medical reasons for not eating it.

Or if you don't want to say anything, try to eat as little of the pasta bit as you can. The filling would be mostly fine.

Worst case, eating it and acknowledging that you're probably going to get cravings and committing to dealing with those immediately you've eaten a small portion and not letting those sneaky cravings talk you into dessert or into continuing to slide tomorrow (they will be painful, but you know fighting them is worth it). You'll probably have a water weight gain too, but if you get straight back on you won't be gaining fat.

Good luck Rho!

rho1640 03-21-2012 09:09 AM

Thanks AnaBee. I was totally stressing when I wrote that hubs had just told me the menu - tried the salad thing with no go. So my plan now is to have some protein before I go and a big glass of water ... And eat small amounts of anything that isn't on my plan ... I will suffer after I'm sure and will need you to remind me to hang in there ....

These are neighbors up our street and the guys are in the FD together - the guys see each other often - I see the wife for a hello on the street and we sit together with the other people who are coming to the dinner at FD functions.

I have been stuck so I'm beginning to think this may be just the shock to get things moving again.. I will still eat some protein before I go and drink some water before too and will do small portions of everything there. Then next week I will do strict induction again.

I'm actually kinda hoping for pain to come back to my body and gut to reinforce to me how good this plan is for me ..

AnaBee 03-21-2012 08:50 PM

You've got a good plan there, Rho, I think you'll be fine. And I'll do strict inductin with you. I've been sliding since last week when I was sick and I ate rubbish last night and this morning. I got good feedback on that though - I felt like death at the gym this morning, totally wiped out. And it's because I was eating sugar last night. Stupid!

I hope you have a nice time at the dinner :)

rho1640 03-21-2012 09:07 PM

Thanks - its amazing when we see how sugar and wheat can actually makes hurt isn't it? Sounds like a plan for next week induction style together :D

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