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  • Hi webwoman,
    It great that you have everything you need. I weighed today and there was no change. I have had 2 steriod shots in last 2 weeks and 2 yesterday. I really think they are keeping me from losing. I am so disappointed.
    Have a great BFC week.
  • I just had a major whoosh (my first one in months) from keeping my peanut butter intake under control! I had been eating way too much of it/cheating with it. Now I keep it to 0 or 1 tablespoons per day. I hope this new low weight sticks.
  • Congrats ERHR!
    It's got to be great to see that whoosh! I hope someday in the next couple of weeks I can report the same. (fingers crossed)

    BCL: Steroids are KNOWN to cause weight gain, so don't sweat it and keep on plan. It's only temporary, so don't be disappointed with the scale if you know you're eating right. Hang in there and you know the plan will work.
  • Thanks webwoman and ERHR. I can only imagine how it must feel.
  • I went to purchase the Crystal Light Pure with stevia. I was happy but I read that Sugar was first ingredient. Now was that necessary for them to add sugar? I put it back. Darn it. I have been faithful following this for 4 weeks now. I have not had sugar cravings until this week. I need help. I want to go stick my face in a tub of butter cream icing. I am wondering what is triggering this craving and how does everyone handle it?
    Thank you all, I love reading these threads.
  • Congrats ERHR and Elnysmom! My goal this week is to track daily.
  • Hello spcdcider, I know what you mean about Crystal light. I had bought it to put in my bottle water. I saw stevia on the box and in my hast, did not read other ingredients. I had drank almost the whole box in about 10 days. I was shocked when my husband pointed out that it had sugar. I just don't understand why they thought it was necessary to add the sugar! What were they thinking. I am battle some cravings and fluid from medication I am currently on. I find that calcium and cromiunpicolinate helps. It is so hard to keep up the focus when it seems all you want to do is eat a piece of chocalate cake as big as a car tire. Not only does the medication makes me retain fluid, but I feel like I am starving. I am currently taking vitamins, calciums, omega3, flaxseed caplets and Dr. ordered 50,000iu of prescription vitamin D once a week. I hope that I am taking them the way I am supposed to.

    Ok we may not reach our goal as fast. But, I find that most of us all have one thing in common; It is never easy to make life style changes. But we are human and we will make mistakes, its important to get right back to the BFC plan. Besure that you are eating enough and a good varity.
  • I think I may have made a BFC convert today! My friend asked me for all the details of my diet because 1) she could see it's working for me and 2) she went a little crazy with pastries while traveling. I think that's a pretty good NSV for me and I'm glad to have someone to talk to IRL who's also doing it (maybe).
  • ERHR I am happy that your friends are taking notice, you certainly have done well. I am inspired by your success. I need to regain my balance and get on with it. I did manage to lose 1lb. this week. I am afraid that my emotions and harmones are getting the better of me. When I see great results like yours, I find that spark I so need.
  • ERHR, you're my inspiration at this point! After vacationing and travelling for work, I'm right where I was before (no gain) but have not seen any whoosh, either. I'm back home and in my regular routine, so hope to see some kind of loss by tomorrow. I've really been eating well, but haven't done much exercise which could be the culprit, even if it's not what the book says. Looking forward to grilling some Sockeye Salmon tonight with broccoli and lemon pepper seasoning - Yum! (actually, I could almost cook it on the sidewalk today HAHA)

  • High All
    I started BFC 7-25-11
    I am new to this site and looking forward to reading thru your post.
    Its gonna take me a few to get the hang of this site.
  • BCL216 and WebWoman - You are so sweet! All I can say is that my success is not at all due to self-control or discipline but rather that this way of eating really works for me and I'm very lucky to have found it. You have both made great progress as well so let's all just stick with it! Gradual success definitely builds momentum for future accomplishments.
  • Hello everyone,

    This is my first post on this thread and I would like some help please….My husband and I started the BFC yesterday. So far the biggest thing I have noticed is that we have both had a headache for the past two days (we are not sure if it is related to caffeine withdrawal or not). We have both committed to his menu on page 25 for at least a week. I am extremely challenged in the cooking arena so following his no excuses plan should get us jump started.

    I do have a question - I ride a road bike three to five times a week, usually 20 to 45 miles each ride and generally burn 700 to 1400 calories. While riding I usually have a CLIF energy block, or electrolyte replacement drink. Both of these contain mega amounts of sugar and/or carbs. Will the lifestyle change still work well? I am currently training for a three day ride set for May 2012 that covers 300 miles. I am also 50 years old and find that it is getting more and more difficult to "keep the weight off" Any advice is always greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • When I first started the BFC I had a headache for about two days and it was from the sugar withdrawal. I didn't consume caffeine anyway so I can imagine that if you've cut that out you're being hit by both withdrawals at once. It will pass but it may take a few days or even a couple weeks. It is SO WORTH IT though so push through!

    I am not an intense athlete but I know that you burn lots of carbohydrates on long bike rides. I'd be more concerned about your overall carb consumption than any specific snack you might have on your ride. The BFC might not be an appropriate program for someone who is so active because you need the quick energy that carbohydrates (though not necessarily sugar) provide. Maybe you could look on Jorge's website or email him for a recommendation? Perhaps you could modify the BFC so you follow it as usual on your non-riding days and add in some carb loading in advance of your rides? Definitely do not sacrifice your riding lifestyle for the sake of any one particular diet!
  • well good afternoon girls . well I have been doing well with my food on track . I 'am going to weight myself very soon so I can see what or how much I have lost . funny how when I started I did not want to even workout and now I wake up before the alarm goes off . the kids go with me and it's fun for me to . now I have to try that almond milk . very scared to try it . yes I'am very scared to try new things so wish me luck on it .