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Originally Posted by Lilysmom View Post
You are too sweet...I can't thank you enough for sending your recipes. Tonight I almost quit, but feel better after reading your post. I guess I need the "butt fat cure" instead of the belly one...LOL I have made a promise to try the BFC until March 1.....hopefully, I will start to lose soon. As I learn more & develop my own recipes I will share with you! Thank you, thank you!
Happy to help. I just added "Low Carb Cocktail Sauce" and "Low Carb Pita Crisps with Hommus" to my blog. I had plenty of shrimp with it as well as 2 large stalks of celery with blue cheese salad dressing and the meal came to a total of 1 carb serving and 4.85 grams of sugar. My husband loved the cocktail sauce with the shrimp- either that or he was just super hungry and wanted to eat my food because it was already prepared. He wants me to make him some pita crisps now.
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Originally Posted by SistaDiva2001 View Post
Hi All!

I started a new thread because I wanted to talk about shopping for the Belly Fat Cure.

It is not expensive. I want to say that first and foremost. I am down about 24 pounds since January 1 when I started the diet. For me, it was the easiest diet in the world to start. I had read some reviews about this being an "expensive diet" and it really is not. I just went grocery shopping again yesterday for the family, the weekly shopping and my grocery bill has dropped $50 a week for a family of 4. You don't have to buy all the products in the book. I think I have only bought 4 maybe. The Almond milk (tastes great!), Zevia soda, Exekiel Bread (good, but I prefer the low carb wraps I am finding) and Truvia. The rest is just stuff in the store and I portion correctly.

I live in New England and we have the stores called, STOP and SHOP which is similar to Krogers in the South. I keep finding great products that work well with this diet. Yesterday, I bought the Stop and Shop light wheat hot dog buns which are 18 grams of carbs and 0 Sugar. I cut one in half and had two hot dogs and some slaw (can't take the South out of the girl!) and it was very satisfying. I am also finding things like "LAVASH" bread which is a flat tortilla type of bread that is 22 gms of carbs and 0 Sugar. It is so huge, I literally cut it in half to make a wrap. I was at Stop and Shop and found the Heinz Low Sugar Ketchup in the regular ol' supermarket. There were only 4 bottles and Ibought them up and they were about $2.69. Now, my whole family enjoys the low sugar ketchup. Not just me and my son. So, my point is to look at the labels in your supermarket and make informed decisions about how something can fit into your wallet and diet.

Also, Amazon has this dessert cookbook, Sweeten Your Life the Xyitol Way and another Low Carb Baking book called, The Low Carb Baking and Dessert Cookbook. Both are excellent and I am not even a baker. The second book uses a combination of sweeteners, but the author suggests using what you are comfortable with..the sweeteners she uses are primarily Stevia, Xylitol and Sucralose. I won't use the Sucralose, but it is nice to know I can work the recipes with the sweeteners I am comfortable with and use.

Working out. Although it is not necessary to work out on this diet, I do workout for between 10 and 45 minutes each time. I average about 30 minutes, but I have gone as long as 65 minutes. That is just me. I like the feel of doing something everyday. I have found Cross Training to be my favorite form of working out. I would humbly suggest just doing something for 15 minutes a day that make you feel good. It could be dancing to your favorite music, doing a Leslie Sansone tape/Debra Mazda Shapely Girl walking tape or walking around your block. I find with this diet my ENERGY went through the ROOF and it still is very high even though I work full time, have a husband, teenager, a school age child and I am starting back in school to do a Masters in the fall in the evening. I find that exercise gets off steam, releases pressure and just makes me feel better. I am sometimes up at 1:00 in the morning when everyone is sleep to get a workout in. Again, this diet has given me so much energy, I have to do something with it. I require less sleep now as well.

Living sugar free/low sugar is great!! Also, now that I don't drink cow's milk, I feel so much better. Believe me, I love milk, but the unsweetend Chocolate and Vanilla almond milk make great substitutes and if it is a "little thin" for you, just add a little cream to make it thicker. Also, I never measure my protein. I eat until I am full and you will find your stomach/appetite decreasing a great deal on this diet.

This week coming up is "my time of the month". I don't expect to lose much this week, but you never know!


SistaDiva - Your posts are very informative and really give one hope that this program will get results. Thanks for all the info.
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