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Default Miracleville

Hey everyone! I'm new to this site, so I still have to get my profile and everything situated, but first thing I just wanted to let y'all know that the metabolism miracle friends website has moved to Miracleville.com. Everything is over there: recipes, blogs by Diane Kress, videos and tips etc.

I'm on the second day of the diet and feel pretty crummy...achy, light headed, etc. The book says to expect this, but that by the end of the week I'll start feeling better. Is that true?! Right now that just seems overly optimistic lol Has anybody else gone from feeling the carb withdrawal symptoms in the beginning to lots of energy/no cravings after the first couple of days?
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I went to the web site listed above to check it out. I was extremely annoyed to discover they wanted to charge me money, which they forgot to mention on the screen where they secured my email address. WATCH OUT!

They only mention this on the screen where you set up a profile.
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I am on week 4 of this diet. I lost 10 pound the fist week but nothing since then, but from all I have read this is normal that is why they tell you to wait 8 weeks to weigh. I am too tied to my scale so I am not going to weigh again until the 8 weeks are up.

I am pleasantly surprised how easy this is to stick to and that all my cravings have gone away.
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I just started MM.
I was on Dukan for the last 3 weeks and it didn't do any losses for me. I was so bummed out cuz my friends have lost heaps and then I found MM.
This is my first week. Already I have lost 0.5kg! I'm going to try and not weigh in til next week, but i feel better and think this will work.
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Just bumping up the thread and hoping to find somebody is still doing this plan...lol.

highest weight 289, lowest ever weight 172

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Bumping this thread as getting started to for diabetes.
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Default ab circle pro

Originally Posted by knobby1 View Post
Hello Everyone

I am restarting Step 1 I was successful the first time i tried it ( lost 10 lbs). But then I fell off the wagon and hit my head LOL

KT I was wondering if the ab circle works?

I found a lowcarb grocery store here in Canada that has some neat products
I love the pita with PB on it.

Good luck everyone and I look forward to chatting with you

Mary Ann
Knobby1 I wasnt ask but wanted to say I had an Ab circle pro and I loved it , but then I had a knee replacement and could not use it anymore. I really hated to give it up
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where do you get flax seed meal?
im also having trouble finding low carb bread and light cream
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Smile Anyone out there still doing Miracle Metabolism??

Hey All

Just signed up for this site and started the Miracle Metabolism diet yesterday. I'm definitely someone who needs support and I love the online message boards so I'm so glad I found you. I found the book had me listed to a T and I'm hoping this works. I've done somersizing in the past and did great - actually lost about 15lbs from August to November working it but found it just doesn't suit my lifestyle any longer. I'm loving being able to have a simple wrap for lunch and it's only been a day!
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browneyes do you have a trader joes near you? they sell lots of organic food and they def have flax seed meal and low carb "sprout" bread which is really good! wht step are you on??

KayCe how is the MM going for you so far? Ive been on step 2 for like a month and a half and it is going great for me!! up to date ive lost about 25 lbs! and my fiancee has lost 26 lbs
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My name is Michelle and I just turned 30 (jan3). I started the program on Jan 7, ( currently on step 1) and so far I think I'm doing ok. I've lost about 3 pounds but my hubby says he see an improvement in my thighs and arms. Surprisingly I haven't had too many cravings, which was unexpected b/c I was such a carb lover. I did go thru what I thought was withdrawal on the 6th day of week 1 (headaches and very short temper.....shorter than usual at least LoL!) but I drank some aleve and extra water and the next day I was good as new. I'm also amazed at how easy it is to follow compared to other diets I've done. I have a few questions if anyone is willing to answer:

1. Can I use truvia? I find it has less of an aftertaste than splenda and I like using it to sweeten my tea, but I saw that it has 3g carbs!!!?? Please advise

2. I found a lowcarb hummus (2g/serving= 2tbls) but Is hummus allowed in step one? I remember that Diane recommends tahini paste (which is in hummus) but I'm not sure about the garbanzo

3. Love the recipes! Variety is the spice of life!

Thanks ladies and gents! I really feel good about this plan, and knowing that I have support from this forum is wonderful! I lookforward to reading more of your stories and reporting my progress as well!
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KTBUGGS -- thank you for the pancake recipe!

Plan: Eat Healthy (a plan that works for you), exercise, drink plenty of water, repeat. [I follow low carb.]
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Hey are you still following the diet?? I am new here starting mm tomorrow could really use some tips
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I want to start the Metabolic Miracle diet soon & looking for support for my spiritual journey to weight loss. Any takers?
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I started Diabetes Miracle (DM) today after reading it the book for the past 2 weeks (and purging my pantry). DM and Metabolism Miracle seem to be the same - just that DM is the author's latest book.

I did sign-up for a month of miracle-ville. And, I think I've already gotten my $4.80 worth (I think that wsa the cost of 1 month membership). But, the forums there don't quite feel like home to me yet.
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