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RoseRodent 11-23-2010 06:33 AM

"Other" fats, also Fitday
I am putting in my nutrition information to Fitday, but am having some trouble with the UK food labels. They are different from the US food labels and some of the information is missing. I'm not too bothered about most of it, but what annoys me is that our fats here are labelled as "Fat" 20g (example) "Of which saturates" 5.1g. It doesn't go on to tell you what sort of fats the others are, mono, poly, something else (if there is anything else!) and if trans-fats are included in saturates or only natural saturates. I'd like to log how much of the good fats I am getting, but if all I can get is subtracting the saturates from the total fats how do I know what sort of fats the rest is, or is there something it's most likely to be?

Also seems to be some confusion over how carbs are entered in the UK compared to the US because fibre seems to be listed in total carbs there, here fibre is not listed in the carb total, it's listed separately and should not be deducted from the total carb, it's in addition. Not sure what Fitday does with this information if input UK style, if it's under-estimating my carb intake. Bit of a shame they don't have a column for carbs which are sugars as this is separately listed on our labels between complex carbs and sugar carbs, and I'd like to compare those. I do like the nutrition calculator on there I can do lots of useful reports, but these two things are getting me confused.

nelie 11-23-2010 08:21 AM

Our labels don't always contain the various fats but fitday I think put it so that if your label did, you can include it. Often it is total fat and total saturated fat.

bronzeager 11-28-2010 12:51 PM

U.S. labels I think are required only to split out the saturated fats (maybe now the trans fats also). The presence of "healthy fats" are often volunteered now, to promote the product, but I think they might have to be split out in a separate label, because the format of the official label is regulated.

I did not notice the difference in counting fiber on the UK labels! I did notice the sugars, I use Loseit which does have an entry for those. About half of the packaged goods here are UK and European, the rest US, I've just been entering them all together. The local packaged goods aren't required to have any nutrition information, but the ones I get are usually foods like dried peas or basic pasta that's fairly easy to find appropriate information for on the internet.

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