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Everything from Jason's Deli is super fattening - even what they say is "healthy." They have a nutty mixed up SALAD that has over 1000 calories! Their chicken panini, which on the menu has a leaf next to it stating it's healthy - still has a TON of fat and sodium. I stopped going there after seeing the nutritional information. I don't go out to eat anywhere without checking nutritional info first.
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Hey, while we're at it....

Have you ever been to
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No description available.
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Poor mutant potato......
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I am worth it
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Wow, that's just nasty! I have never even heard of that restaurant before. I don't think we have it here in Canada. I thought the nutrition must be a mistake too until I googled it and found this about the potato in question:

And did I say, “one big potato?” No, it’s actually TWO potatoes surgically attached into one big frankenpotato. And did my eyes deceive me? Did the menu actually call this the plain jane? What kind of “plain jane” potato comes covered in a pound of cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, and a giant wad of butter?

I am convinced, the fast food industry is trying to kill us all! That was hilarious about the broccoli on top making it healthy
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Heart attack on a plate...

And people use money to buy that?
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Originally Posted by preppingbride View Post
I like the brocolli on the potato in that picture. That's how you can tell it's healthy.

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Lol my first thought was that it was a monster potato but then I read it was 2-in-1. That's just scary.
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Gee, the kid size potato has 796 calories and 48g fat.
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Paging This Is Why You're Fat ...
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Originally Posted by Shannon in ATL View Post
If you are not that hungry or prefer a lighter meal, we offer a reduced portion potato too.[/COLOR][/B]
Don't they mean a non-freaky-non-mutant NORMAL potato?
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That's a disturbing potato. But I must say, I LOVE their turkey wrap. It's the same number of WW points as a Subway turkey sandwich, only 1000x more delicious.

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How can you even GET that many calories into a single potato???
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Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
How can you even GET that many calories into a single potato???
That's the trick: it's actually two potatoes on a single plate. Then it's smothered in all those toppings.

It's actually not a bad dish, as long as you remember to split it among twenty people.
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Originally Posted by jenlag View Post
Hey, while we're at it....

Have you ever been to
Well that site just made me lose my appetite altogether! *gag*
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I have had one of those and they are HUGE! They easily fill a dinner plate and I couldn't finish it. I HOPE that calorie count is wrong or else it will be a very long time (if ever) before I allow myself another one!

How totally odd that you could have a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and full calorie soda at most places and still eat less calories than that baked potato....

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