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Default Pepperidge Farm Whole Wheat

Hi Ladies.

I typically purchase Pepperidge Farm whole wheat bread for my children and husband. The smooth texture variety. I have always been careful to read labels where my kids are concerned because there are several things I don't give them--least of which is high fructose corn syrup. PF bread I KNOW hasn't had it in the past on the variety I buy. (I know SOME of the PF breads do have it as an ingredient).

Anyhoo, yesterday at the market I noticed it was on sale for $2.50 a loaf which is very cheap--usually I pay either $3.29 or $3.49. I picked up a couple of loaves and out of habit went right for the ingredient label. IT NOW HAS HFCS! What the ****???

Also, just a couple of weeks ago I went to re-purchase Ovaltine. I haven't bought it in several months. I noticed both red and blue food coloring has been added to it! I ended up making them choc. milk from Hershey cocoa and reduced amount of sugar. Anyone have a "fill in" for Ovaltine that isn't awful for kids? I would rather NOT purchase pre-made choc. milk. I would like to find a syrup or powder add in.

Anyone else notice the shift of ingredients in their items? Please tell me what they are so I can be on the lookout.

Also, any suggestions for mainstream whole wheat breads without bad stuff in it. My kids like smooth textures--so things like Ezekiel bread, etc. won't work. I don't want to bake my own! I already spend 1/2 my life in the kitchen!

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Arnold is another brand that I buy. Some of their bread don't have HFCS and it is listed right on the package. I get Pepperidge Farm breads too, usually 9 whole grain or 15 whole grain ones. And they don't have HFCS. I also sometimes like the Dark German and with PBJ is tastes awesome. I do end up spending a good bit of time in the bread aisle cuz (a) I love bread and (b) reading ingredients for the ones I like. I freeze my loaves too.

Here's another brand Oroweat that carries whole wheat/grain breads (which is Arnold product).

If you have Trader Joes close to you they carry an organic Chocolate syrup. I think it's called midnight moo or something. Nothing bad in it except all goodness


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I am so right there with you, TBG!!! We've been buying Koepplinger's Natural Wheat 1 1/2# loaf for years (but it's the opposite of smooth!), and it was always sweetened with molasses. Lo and behold, they had a price drop and dammit, if they didn't put that HFCS in it. I hand-wrote a letter, and I sent an e-mail. Must have been one of many, because a month later it was back to the original recipe. I still don't trust 'em, and read the label each time. Almost makes me wish I hadn't sold my breadmaker.
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How frustrating to search out a product you're willing to use, and have it change intermittently on you.
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