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Porthardygurl 06-28-2011 04:18 PM

Returning ww need target for old plan.
Hi All,

So ive been an off again on again ww girl..I started when i was 16..and well..that went nowhere fast..then again at 19...my Aunt was going with me and then i moved to a town that has no ww...So anyway.. ive decided to hop back on board.. Ive got my points caluculator and ive got the canadian dining out guide and the complete foods companion..and all the booklets from the meetings..however..the one thing i am missing is my beginning book...The one that tells you what your daily target points is...

Can anyone tell me what it is for a person who is 5"11 and 296 pounds??
using the old plan?

And second of all..Ive heard all about this "points plus"...but i heard from some that its better to stick the old plan..and it seems like it for good reason..just because fruit and me dont get along so well when it large quantaties..

So could someone please help me out?

Yes i have been a person who has paid the registration fee 3 times in my life and i have paid for all my mtgs.. i just dont have a ww nearby anymore..
But i have all my books still..just not the daily target points thing..its all im missin.

madamwu 06-29-2011 12:38 PM

I sent you a private message with the information.

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