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Default Share something you've learned since starting Weight Watcher's

This past Monday I injured my back which resulted in the doctor saying "no exercise" for at least a week. To top it off, my husband & I had a wonderful evening planned for almost a month of a show & dinner (with a very carefully picked restaurant for me). We got to the restaurant to discover they had a 55-65 minute wait. We couldn't wait and ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant !

I learned this week, that my weight loss journey doesn't have to be a "do or die", "all or nothing" situation. I won't fail if I deviate from the program every once in a while as long as I start back up and keep tracking. I still had a 1.6 lb loss this morning at my weigh in.
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My favorite thing I learned was a saying:

"Don't trade what you want most for what you want in the moment"

When I start thinking about having something that I know I shouldn't, I think of that saying. It makes me pause and think about what I really want in the end and I realize that no amount of [insert food here] will take the place of walking on the beach in a bikini.
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I have definitely learned how to pace myself. I agree on the "all or nothing" philosophy...taking it even one step futher...I make myself stay on my points (or maybe go over if i want to use a Weekly Point) but I make sure I count it. instead of getting mad at myself for eating a "bad food", I am very careful about the portioning of it. i am eating whatever i want, but more produce, lean meats, and really savoring the one mini piece of chocolate that i put in my oatmeal, or the TSP of Peanut butter....before I would sabotage myself, estimating calories..keeping it all in my head. now i am sure to log everything i put in my mouth and am a lot more attentive to my hunger. loving WW!!!
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Default I've learned ...

I've learned that Weight Watchers is not a 'diet''s a 'live-it'. I've learned that I can do this for the rest of my life. I've learned that I can eat whatever I want in moderation. I've learned to love vegetables. I've learned that chocolate is a treat, not lunch. I've learned that I have to write down what I eat (If I'm not writing it down, I'm not on program). I've learned that I feel better when I make healthier choices. I've learned that this is not a race. I've learned to be patient with myself. I've learned to take a compliment and say 'thank you'. I've learned that I want to do this for myself. I've learned to love myself. I've learned that I have to be accountable for my actions. I've learned to forgive myself. I've learned that I have the best supportive friends and husband in the world (thanks!). I've learned that I don't have to be 'skinny' to be happy ...I just have to be at a 'normal' healthy weight. I've learned that I can inspire people, and I can be inspired.
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Agree with the most important thing is getting rid of that "all or nothing" attitude as well as the "I'll start over Monday" attitude. Forgiving myself for my mistakes and starting over when I recognise them has been the biggest key to me staying on program this time around.
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Well the biggest would be that if you don't stick to it you won't lose! And I've learned not to beat myself up if I want something and to just have a little of it!
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Journaling is the only way for me to learn portion control. It's amazing how off my estimating was previously!
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Doingthis4chris --
I sure hope that YOU are Chris. It sounds like you've learned some great lessons that can benefit us all. I hope you don't mind that I plan to copy and print your list (as well as a few other folks' things here) to bring to my meeting on Sunday. I especially like your "live-it not a die-t" line. I think I'll put that on my fridge!
I have learned that if I think of the points system as a game, I can tap into my inner competitor and can make the whole experience more like fun.
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