Gonna try this again...3rd times a charm right?

  • So I"m looking to start WW again, if I understand the formula right I should get 27 pts. Should I try to split my points not counting snacks through the day but breakfast/lunch/dinner equally the same or around the same? Is a 7pt dinner too much?
  • Hi there,
    I am on weight watchers and I am allowed 21 points per day. I find that I cannot stick to 3 main meals as I develop cravings so my usual day is something like this-
    Breakfast - 4 points
    Morning Tea - 2.5 points
    Lunch - 5 points
    Afternoon tea - 2.5 points
    Dinner - 7 points

    It is up to you how you split your points. There is nothing wrong with having a 7 point dinner as long as it is within your points and leaves you feeling full and satisfied.
  • I couldn't not have snacks, I was just thinking if those 3 meals should be equal in points. Even if I was to do b/l/d all at 7 points that'd only be 21 points and still leave 6 for snacking through the day not counting the other 35 and any activity points I get right?
  • Oooo our WW works a bit differently here I think so someone else might need to confirm. The meals dont have to be equal in points, the key is feeling satisfied after a meal. If a 3 point breakfast of toast and vegemite does that for you, then there is nothing wrong with having less at breakfast or more at lunch. As long as you stay within your points and make sure you are eating enough, then it does not matter if all meals are points equal.
  • You dont have to eat the same number of points for every meal. I always have fewer points during breakfast because I'm not a fan of eating in the morning. I only do it because I know I should. So there is no way I'm eating something like 7 points for breakfast.

    You have to make what fits into your lifestyle work for you. If you want to eat your biggest meal in the morning, do it. If you need more food at lunch and have a smaller dinner to compensate, thats fine.
  • Thank you ladies! I'm a breakfast lover so that will probably be the bigger of my meals.