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Default Momentum question and Long about me

Hi. I was wondering if any of you with the momentum material can tell me that when I get the momentum starter kit, does one of the books tell me how to figure the daily points I am going to need to acquire? I asked several sellers on Ebay and they kept telling me it was proprietary info of WW. Well, I wasn't asking them to tell me what my points were, just was it in the starter books. I don't want to buy it without knowing this. I have the last two points systems but don't seem to find the book with how to figure my points. I was going to join the weight watcher pass online but decided $40 a month can pay for a gym membership. So can someone please answer who is on the new momentum plan, do you get the info in the starter books on how to figure your daily points?

I also don't tend to stick with meetings because most of the time I go, the leader has only lost 10-15# and that is discouraging to someone who has a 100# to lose. (Please no bashing as I know 10# is hard to lose for those who only have 10# to lose, but still doesn't make me feel better sitting their with 100# too much on my small frame) Also, the last meeting I went to they had let a mother joined with her daughter and mom was thin as a barbie doll and I know that is against the law in my state you have to be a certain percentage overweight. I know they let her join because she had her own program material and when we stayed after for the newbie meet with the leader I learned this. As a parent of a minor, they should have let her sit in with her child, not allowed her to join. This woman was so thin she could have modeled and I am not exagerating. I could go on and on about such things in my meetings but won't.

So, needless to say, I stay at home and have done well in the past. I want to buy the momentum program and start over again except this time I want to avoid as much processed foods as possible. I think this is where I went wrong last time with WW. I was eating too many 1 point processed snacks that you can buy which made me more hungry. I have been reading Clean Eating diet by Tosca Reno and her principles of eating as little unprocessed food as possible makes total since except she doesn't count calories, so I think I need the point system to make it work. I also want to get the Biggest Loser Family cookbook, it looks like it has real easy basic recipes that I am looking for and it includes the nutritional info.
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If you join the free trial online you can figure out how many points you need and then you could always cancel, but when you start going down in weight you won't know how to recalculate.
I know there are some websites that will help you figure out your points allowance for free, but I think the easiest way to figure it out would be to go to one meeting. At the first meeting you will be given a booklet with the points quiz in it. The booklet is yours to keep so when you lose weight you will be able to recalulate and adjust your points.
I do not think the starter kit will have anything to help you calculate your daily allowance.
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Hi there!
Here's some info for you:
1. If you have all the points books and old WW stuff, you don't necessarily need a new Momentum kit. I've done the old Flex/Core and am doing the Momentum and the Momentum is a mix of the two. You now account for ALL foods using the old points system, but try to maximize "filling foods" (CORE foods) within your day to avoid being hungry. I still use my Flex food points guide from 5 years ago, so don't worry about it.

2. Here is how to calculate your points according to the new Momentum guide. This is available online, and is contained in this thread:

3. The last "difference" is that you get a set number of points per day (vs a range, as per the old Flex plan), and 35 points per week, plus exercise points. Everything else is the same.

It sounds to me that you may want to give it a shot using this forum for support, and spend the $40 on the gym and I think that is perfectly valid! So go for it!

I hope this helps, and feel free to pm me if you need anything...

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