Flex Weigh-In, February

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  • Sorry this is getting a late start! Feel free to post any losses from earlier this week!

    Please remember to keep a running total of the group's progress so we can see how we all did!!
  • Hey, where is everybody?

    Weighed in this morning, down 1.4 - yippee! So....

    Group total: 1.4
  • Hi,
    I lost .8 its not much but its going down. I did have a successful workout week, I did cardio 4 times this week and I wrote everything down in my diary. I bought a slightly smaller pair of jeans too. Its all good.
  • Thanks Jaime!

    Last Monday's weigh in had me down 4.4 lbs. So adding up from the previous two posters:

    Group total: 6.6 lbs
  • Down 2.8 and I'm .4 away from lifetime! woohoo!!

    Group total: 9.4
  • Sammi! That's phenomenal!

    WI today down 1.4 lbs.

    Group total: 10.8
  • Hi! I'm new to this board. I started back on WW (at home) 1/26/09.

    My Feb. loss as of 2/5/09 (my weigh in day) is 1.6 pounds.

    Group total: 12.4

  • I lost .8 last week (2/2/09) and 2.4 this week (.8)

    GROUP TOTAL: 16.60
  • I lost 3.4 last week, but gained back .4 this week... so I'm going to add 3 to our total...

    Group Total: 19.6
  • I'm up 0.4 this week, sorry ladies.

    Group total: 19.2 lbs
  • I'm down 2.4 this week! Woohoo!
  • My Feb. loss as of 2/12/09 is 1.2 pounds.

    Group total: 22.8

  • Down 1lb today (unexpectedly!!)

    Group total: 23.8
  • Down 1.4 this week

    Group total: 25.2
  • down 9 pounds this week