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Arrow You worse day

HI every one let me tell you that I am on my week two. everything goes well , but Saturday OMG that is my worse day .... what i do is : I do not use my extra points in the week so i can use on Saturdays even if I don't use them all.
I will like to her some opinion about the way a use my points :

D=10( my dinner is about 8:00 pm , them i take some tea.

On my first week i get 8 points for exercise , and for this week I have 12 , and my week close tomorrow , I WI Wednesday , so plus tomorrow work out , I don't go to the gin , so i do aerobics ..

Thanks everyone ....

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3 points for breakfast doesn't sound like enough. You may want to use more of your points earlier in the day instead of later at night. Using all your flex points in one day is fine, that's what they're there for. I spread mine out over the week, but that's just what works best for me.
I'm not sure how the excersize points work, I never use mine.
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I would agree. There is a saying that goes "Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner". Basically eat more for breakfast than lunch or dinner. you want less calories at night since your metabolism is slowest while you're sleeping
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im not sure what exactly you are saving but if yoyre referring to your leftover dailies you cannot bank those you can only bank wpa(and imho, ap's)
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I tend to eat the majority of my points for dinner and eve snack too but that is the way my schedule works out, I also exercise in the eve so my metabolism is still kicked in when I eat those points...or at least I think so??? it is working for me. As for flex points I do the wendie plan that spreads them out over the week and helps me keep a nice balance. This week though I moved my hpd to thurs to cover for thanksgiving
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I'm a night eater as well. Don't know how it will affect me at this point. I don't, or haven't, used my flex points as of yet. Does anyone have any late night snack advice?? Please no veggies, I'm turning green already. HAHA

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I do a lot better with a higher point breakfast too.

As for an evening snack, what about air-popped popcorn? 3 cups is only 1 point. If you have a big jar of popcorn, you can pop it in the microwave just like microwave popcorn. Just put about 1/4 cup in a brown paper lunch bag, fold over top and staple shut, then nuke for about 3 minutes (stopping it when it gets to a few seconds between pops, just like normal microwave popcorn). A little lime juice sprinkled over it is a tasty alternative to butter, and then hit up your spice rack. Chili powder, salt & lime juice is one of my faves.
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