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I definitely have the same problem, which is unbearable during the day. I've started eating them after supper and now I sleep through the discomfort.
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I usually have one of these as my morning snack (my morning classes run from 8:30 am until 1pm: I can't make it that long between breakfast and lunch) and never had a problem.


The husband (bless his heart) helpfully bought some whole grain wraps that had 85% of your daily fiber requirement.

So. Fiber 1 bar as snack. Bean and sprouts wrap and side salad with lots of cruncy raw veggies for lunch. Very uncomfortable me for my afternoon classes and evening clinic work.

But just the bar on it's own? No problems.
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Originally Posted by KimberlyinMN View Post
Oooh... I didn't know that Target had a private label version.. I might have to check that out! I'm a cheapskate for sure. We shop at Wal-Mart and almost always use their store brand. Some things we stick with, like the brand of ketchup, but others taste the same. Our Super Target is super tiny... If they have more than 10 half-length aisles, I'd be surprised.
Ugh, I thought the Target version was horrible! I didn't think they tasted like the Fiber One bars and the consistency was different as well. That is just me though!
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I really like these but I don't like to eat them because I think they cause more cravings for me. They don't make me sick, but I don't want to eat something that is going to make me hungry later!!! I think its the sweetness but who knows- I am fairly tolerant of sugar alcohols though, I definitely can see how they may make someone gassy!
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I eat the Fiber One Cereal almost every morning and have no problems. It's 60 calories a serving and 1/2 your fiber for the day. Maybe you could switch.
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I never have a problem with them.I eat them alone and follow up W water.
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I'm not too knowledgeable on sugar alcohols but I've found when I've quit eating these bars regularly (such as now that I live overseas), if I'm to have again, I'm definitely gassy. I felt I had to eat them everyday or my tolerance would disappear.

It still could be some fiber issue. Those rare occasions when I've stopped eating beans and then started again I find myself in a world of discomfort. Some digestive systems, mine included, seem to quickly forget how to deal with high-fiber items when they come through.

I miss Fiber One bars! They've got nothing like it in South Korea.
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I love these things!! But they do tend to give me cravings and also the dreaded bloat and gas. I keep one in my purse for "emergencies" and also in my desk. So far the strawberry one is my favorite followed closely by the apple struesel one.
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I can't get past the shellac ingredient. It is a secretion from an insect.
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I've been eating fiber one bars for a few months now and they actually don't make me gassy at all! I think it might depend on the person. Have you tried the fiber one yogurt? I think that's delicious!

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I love Fiber One bars! They are only 1 point and they are so much more filling than regular granola bars...I never have any problems with them. And I can eat two a day
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I like the Fiber One bars; they are a little too sweet, but they do not affect me physically in a negative way. The Chex Mix Turtle bar has led to major sugar cravings; it is yummy but WAY too sweet; I *WILL* stop eating them. I guess I need ideas for ways to treat myself so I don't feel deprived when I want something sweet and I have a few points to spend. Skinny Cow ice cream bars are good for that, I guess.
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I LOVE Fiber One bars. As a nursing mom they keep me full while I am runnin' around. I think that can make you gassy, but only if you eat like several in a day, which I have before. I love the carmel ones, yummmmmmmmm!
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I love them! I have one every morning as a mid-morning snack, and drink a lot of water with them. I have no bad side effects, but I do have the good one one would expect from eating enough fiber I've never tried more than one. Too much fiber, as others have hinted, is not a good thing.
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I love them too!! I can eat two in one day but it has to be one in the morning and one in the evening, dont do that very often generally just have one a day!
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