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suitejudyblueeyes 09-18-2008 05:46 PM

Flex Talk #15
Here's a place where we can discuss Flex and WW, as well as issues of our everyday lives. New Flexers are always welcome, so please join in, to give and get support and encouragement on your weight loss journey.

Flexers that attend meetings, At-Home Flexers, and anyone just curious about Flex are all welcome here.

If anyone needs the old thread, it can be found here:

suitejudyblueeyes 09-18-2008 05:58 PM

I am sorry for being MIA ladies - I have popped in and out and have been reading but little time to post updates of my own. From the old thread, just want to say I loved the photo from nessa, you looked thrilled!

I realized the other day that I've been slacking a lot lately at work, and it's not being fair to the company. I do like my job most of the time, and my satisfaction levels with it are directly related to how much of myself I devote to it each day, and so I am here less and less! It'll come and go in waves though and I am by no means leaving. :)

So, guess who's been wearing a size 14 blazer to work in these chilly mornings we've been having? I was very surprised at that revelation - I could have sworn it was a 16. I started out as an 18+ on top so... woohoo! :D It's also nice to know that the size gap between my top and bottom are evening out.

Had a couple of great nights out this week - my friend from college is a musician who has been finding a pretty good amount of success lately came and played a show in town on Tuesday. She was absolutely brilliant. Surprised the pants off her when I showed up afterwards (you have to remember we went to college together 800 miles away, in Canada). I am just so happy for her! If anyone is curious her name is Basia Bulat and she has some samples on her myspace, or if you want to see something on youtube "In the Night" is a good one to look up. I highly recommend. She is amazing. Then last night DH and I showed our true nerd colors and got together for a rousing game of Settlers of Catan with friends. :D

Eating has been OP, but I am really, really struggling with getting back on the exercise bandwagon! It's such a shame too because I know how much it helps my losses out.

And, finally, my sister remains pregnant. I literally take the phone with me to the bathroom, I am expecting her to call any minute saying she's in labor!

Hope everyone is well! :wave:

mandos 09-18-2008 07:36 PM

Here is my obligatory "hi I'm new and I exist!" post. So...hello fellow flexers!

I would just like to say I love that photo you posted nessa...your face says it all! I'm looking forward to feeling the way you look when I finally go down a size.

kestrel 09-18-2008 07:58 PM

Another newbie here. :D I've done South Beach before several years ago with quite a bit of luck, but found it harder after kids when I couldn't have dairy, along with my portion control problem. This is my first time on WW, I'm really excited to be starting!

Lovely 09-18-2008 10:30 PM

Side Note: If anyone is interested in having a sort of "online meeting" or wants to know what the weekly discussion was about, or has anything to contribute, head on over here: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=151842

Suite - So happy to see you're around :) Congrats on the size 14!!! Yay!

Mandos - :welcome: We all exist, too ^_^ So feel free to keep posting and tell us about you & your progress!

Kestrel - :welcome: to the WW plan :) Following Flex or Core? Let us know if you have any questions! And keep us updated.

ladyscorpio 09-18-2008 10:39 PM

I will join in and say Hi as well :) Been around a few weeks but never really an introduction etc. I enjoy all the posts and enthusiasm!

Lovely 09-18-2008 10:41 PM

Hi Ladyscorpio! :) :welcome2: The more the merrier!

ladyscorpio 09-19-2008 12:47 AM

Thanks so much Faerie!

Lovely 09-19-2008 09:09 AM

Good Morning Everyone!

I got to the gym at 6AM today :tired: But I NEEDED to get my exercise done, and I'm going to a wedding reception tonight so I can't do it after work. Kind of amazing what we can make ourselves do when we really want to get it done somehow. Let me just say I'm NOT a morning work out person, but again... this needed to be done.

But, I forgot my regular bra! :lol: So I have to be at work today wearing my sports bra. At least it's casual day... ;)

I think I'll get myself some coffee.

Have a great day ladies!


Snoopysgirl 09-19-2008 09:25 AM

Hi Everyone. I am new to weight watchers. I joined on September 9 and my first weigh in yielded a loss of 4.8 pounds!:carrot: I am nursing, so I get more points..my friend (not doing ww) told me I am not going to last once I don't get those xtra nursing points. I would like to prove her wrong; heh. ;) I am actually struggling with using up all of my points during the day so I don't have too many to use up at the end of the day right now. I have been searching the archives for higher point menu ideas (yet healthy). I am getting the hang of it but I love 3FC's website.

Lovely 09-19-2008 09:30 AM

Hi Snoopysgirl :) Welcome to the Flex Talk area! You most certainly can keep going after you stop nursing. I would be very upset with a friend who told me I wouldn't make it. It says more about her than it does you. And you will prove her wrong.

modkittn 09-19-2008 10:14 AM

:welcome2: to all our new Flexers!

Well I went to the gym Tuesday night (yay! woohoo!) and totally bailed last night. Although, the reason was because I was having some super uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. At least I will be hiking all weekend in Vermont! Yay for burning calories :) I've gained 4 pounds now. I don't want to gain any more this trimester, so I'm going to have to start watching what I'm eating more than what I've been.

I've been reading posts, just not posting a lot. I feel like I don't really fit in as much with the whole HAVING to gain weight/maintain thing and not losing :lol:

suitejudyblueeyes 09-19-2008 10:22 AM

mandos - welcome! make yourself at home.

kestrel - Good luck with WW, I hope you find success! Did you develop a dairy allergy after pregnancy? (I've never heard of that, I am curious!)

Faerie - Going to your meetings thread will basically be a spoiler for me :p since I don't attend until Saturdays. If discussion is still going strong by the end of the week I'll pop in :) And girl, 6am gym time? :eek: Have fun at the wedding!

ladyscorpio - hello! Jump on in!

snoopysgirl - Welcome! Don't listen to your friend, what a terrible thing to tell someone! We are all here obviously succeeding with non-nursing levels of points, you will be FINE. It will take some adjustment but don't you even worry about that right now.

mod - :wave: Have fun in Vermont!

Well, I went for my run last night. Not too long, just over 2 miles, but it was something. We've been on the treadmills in our building the past couple times, which is new - usually we run outside. Silly DH gets on his, sets the incline really high and the speed as high as he can stand it, then wears himself out after 20 minutes. :lol: Then he stands around waiting for me to be done (me who does intervals of fast walking and jogging to build up endurance), which makes me feel pressured to leave early - I told him afterwards last night that he needs to just go home if that happens again, I want to stay longer!

In other news, I've applied for a research assistant position with a professor in the music department who specializes in Italian Renaissance music. How neat is that? I'd basically be working with both Italian and English texts, doing some research, some bibliography work, and some xeroxing :p for about 10 hours/week. I am really excited about it as I sorely miss being involved with Italian. However, the job is not in hand yet, so we shall wait and see. She sounds very interested in having me work for her but I have to hear back from her about scheduling - the fact that I am not available during business hours (as I work full-time already) might throw a wrench in the whole thing. We shall see. Fingers crossed!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, any weekend plans?

Lovely 09-19-2008 10:22 AM

But Mod! You're pregnant :) Knowing you have to gain is part of the process. And I know we all want to hear about the progress ^_^

How to put this... I know this is a weight loss site, but I end up coming in here thinking "And how are my buddies doing today?" Not just about everyone's weight, but about life in general.

So, your life in general is that you need to gain weight in order to have this wonderful, healthy baby :) And when you wanna share that with us, well... at least, I say that I'd like to hear about it.

Lovely 09-19-2008 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by suitejudyblueeyes (Post 2369044)
Faerie - Going to your meetings thread will basically be a spoiler for me :p since I don't attend until Saturdays. If discussion is still going strong by the end of the week I'll pop in :) And girl, 6am gym time? :eek: Have fun at the wedding!

Oh no, Suite! Ha ha! I should've added a Spoiler Alert to the headline! ;) It's up there for anyone, and I know some of us don't contribute to our meetings in-person because we don't want to talk a lot or anything, so this gives us all an opportunity to share our full thoughts. And if you wanna add anything on Saturday... go ahead! I'm going to be reading and taking them all to heart. I'll be posting a new one each week after I get to meeting.


I told him afterwards last night that he needs to just go home if that happens again, I want to stay longer!
That's why I can't go to the gym with anyone... :/ It always makes me feel hurried.


In other news, I've applied for a research assistant position with a professor in the music department who specializes in Italian Renaissance music. How neat is that?
That is super-awesome-cool. Fingers are crossed for you!


any weekend plans?
Going up to select food choices for the wedding & family dinner. Going to find a florist for said wedding. Then probably going to dinner with the fiancee's father. Also, going to continue to unpack, move furniture around and other new apartment things. :)

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