Flex Weigh-In, September

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  • Down 4 this week -

    group total - -35.7
  • OK.. so I don't know how to subtract.. lol

    I was on the other computer and didn't have my chart on that one, so I guessed and since I am math deficient, I was wrong with how much I lost last week.....

    I actually lost 3.5 lbs instead of the 2.5 I reported.. so I am adding another 1 lb to our group total!

    Group total 36.7 lbs!
  • Down 2lbs this week! woo hoo! Congrats to all!

    Group total 38.7
  • I didn't post last week since I stayed the same. I've been floating around the same number, so on Sunday I drank half my body weight in ounces of water like it suggests in the Plateau Busters and this morning I'm down 1.2.

    GROUP TOTAL 39.9
  • adding another 2.8 to the total

    42.7 group total
  • Sorry- everyone is doing so well, but I had a gain. 2.2

    Group total 40.5
  • If I remember correctly, my start weight for September was 260. I am now 250....total weight lost 10lbs

    Group total 50.5
  • I am up 2 lbs.

    I didn't resist temptations - cake, blueberry turnover, chips and we went out to dinner 4 times this past week.... LOL - I just ate my way though the week. Too tired to cook, plan or prepare stuff. Too much stress at work. And I didn't write anything down this past week.

    I would like to think that this is my 10 week gain... my first gain was 10 weeks after I started, and this is 10 weeks after that...haha.. probably not - gotta be honest. I just pigged out this past week.

    Group total 48.5
  • My turn - (-3) - it was a good week eating-wise though stressful personally...

    Group total - 51.5
  • Down 1 pound this week ( good considering how bad i have been)
    Brings the group total to 52.5
  • From last week and this week's weigh ins, down 4 lbs.

    Group total - 56.5 lbs
  • My weight loss lately has been so up and down. I am down .2...I'll take it!
    Remember, even with the tough month for some of us we are still headed in the right direction!
    Group total 56.7! Congrats everyone!
  • I'm coming to this late, but my first week on WW I lost 3.4!

    Total group loss is 60.1!