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Laura’s Beef Jerky

I make jerky in my food dehydrator all the time. Here's my recipe... Find the leanest roast you can at the supermarket, have
them trip excess fat and slice it for jerky. They don't charge extra here. You'll still have fat to trim when you get home. It's
impossible to get it all so just go for the big chunks.

Put all the trimmed meat into a ziplock bag and add enough soy sauce to coat the meat and liquid smoke to taste (a matter of
drops). My mom likes her jerky sweet so she adds some artificial sweetener. I don't like it sweet so I skip this step. Let this
marinating meat sit overnight in the fridge.

Lay in single layers in your food dryer and dry on a hot setting. Don't over dry it. You want it a bit chewy. When it's done I blot
the excess fat with paper towels. Store this in a sealed container in your refrigerator.

Most soy sauces have some sugar/carbohydrates in them. I think by the time it's all spread out and dried the carbohydrate
count is minimal and certainly less the store bought.
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I love beef jerky! But I use round steak. I add hot dried pepper, and garlic powder. Its' been a while since I've made any. If you use the dehydrator you don't have to refrigerate it. I always send some to my son in the Navy. Thanks for the recipe.
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