"Could You Repeat That???" - NSV!

  • I just got called skinny for the first time ever, in my life. As in "You are looking so skinny!"

  • Congratulations!! That's got to be a great feeling!!
  • Though people I knew had made comments before this, it happened to me for the first time with a stranger about one year/12 pounds ago when I went to see a new gynecologist. She said "You're skinny enough that we can probably get away with a transabdominal ultrasound." I didn't say anything back, but it was a surprise... "me?!" Definitely saved me a LESS PLEASANT (umm...internal) TEST, too!
  • I've had that unpleasant test. Be VERY glad you didn't have to get it. Trust me on this one.
  • Awesome!! A friend told me I looked svelte on the weekend. I had to laugh, but thanked her anyway
  • That's wonderful! Keep up the great work!