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Default September weigh in! How many pounds did you lose during September?

It was SO much fun to see how many pounds we lost in August, and you all did so WELL that we'd love to do it again this month! Please reply to this post and let us know how many pounds you lost during the month of September. It's ok if you were not dieting all month, or lost a small amount or a huge amount. Every pound counts, for us us and for you! You don't have to tell us how much you weigh, only how much you lost
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I lost 9 pounds this month!!
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Ive lost 12lbs (started 25/8/06) but first week weight in come into september i assume that counts lol. So 12lbs.

Well done all.

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I lost two pounds. Started to slack off towards the end, but am back on track with the new month.
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S/C/G: 267/Ticker/150 & BAMF

Height: 5'9.5"


I lost 5 lbs .
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6lbs this month. Half of what I lost in August, but every little bit helps.
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Measly 3 here. But better than -0- or a gain!
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S/C/G: 190/140

Height: 5'4"


Lost 4.6 in the month of Sept.

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I lost 6 lbs.
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I lost 16 pounds this month
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I believe 8.5 pounds for me in September

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S/C/G: 190/114/125

Height: 5'3"


About 9 pounds this month after a dismal August.
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S/C/G: 403/366/200

Height: 6'0 FEET

Talking i've lost

hi ladies i've lost 10.5lbs in september i go to the doctor in two weeks i would like to lose 5 more before my appointment. i feel great i hope t be down twenty five pounds by the end of the month. so i have 9.5lbs to go to get down to my mini goal of 25lbs.
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I only lost 6 in Sept (usually get 10 or so) but every pound gone counts!
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Kelly M
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S/C/G: 246/147/150 WW Goal

Height: 5'5"


10.2 pounds in September!! Woo Hoo!!
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