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Default Suprise surpris I still get a few NSV along the way

well I am almost 6- pounds down ladies. That would make 30 pounds since I have joined 3FC. Thanks for the extra motivation. I have been plugging way slowly. loosing a pound here and there. I kinda feeling gu8lty when I am not dropping them 2 4 at a time like some of you.

BUT I am dropping and learning to live and eat and still have fun. Ok to my NSV I am a childcare provider so temptatios are ALWAYS around. Friday when I was sending one of my last little ones out . The mom got half way to her car turns around and says to me." UMMMM have you been loosing alot of weight. I have really noticed you look good"
Mademe feel great So she asked how I was doing it. The old fashion way exercise and watching calories and what I eat.

My second one has happened over the last week or so. I have had to buy some cloths I have NON only a pari of shorts very little.

My big victory is I have boughten cloth that fit. Not ones that are two sizes to big. nice form fitten tops and i don't bulge out. I feel comfortable even. That really makes me want to keep moving and not spill back out of my cloths. I bought a pair of nice black dress pants size. 13/14 I can gt on and buttoned. but does mushroom top ring a bell a little with them.That is what my daughter informed me the correct term was. So my next goal is to fit into them and be able to be seen in public.
Ok I never get this long windded but I sure am enjoying being able to shop with my daughters and not walk past every thing and hear my daughters complain I am getting to small .
Have a healthy day ladies.
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Wow! thats great .. its nice when someone just slips a comment in that makes ya week! Working in day care has to be hard on you at times with temptations .. all the lil snacks for kids .. Congrats on hangin tough! and I know all about the mushroom top!! hilarious name for it, I had never heard that before but its such a great name! and true!
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Wtg!! :d
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Congrats! Feels good when someone notices our losses!

Hehe, I know the mushroom top, muffin top...all that. I continuously feel for one when I'm at

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Congrat's on the NSV's , that is great. WTG.
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Thats great! WTG, Congrats!!
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