Weird NSV - necks!

  • My dh bought me a heart on a chain for Valentines Day. The chain was very short and it didn't look right. I am going to Australia tomorrow and leaving him behind, so I wanted to wear it (I can't wear my ring anymore as it doesn't fit!)

    Anyway, whilst I haven't lost much scale weight since then, the chain fits and hangs lower

    It always amazes me when I lose weight off weird places!!!
  • I agree with you on losing in the strangest places. I have lost a my big ankles. however, some if my favorite rings no longer fit, they are to small! My second chin is getting smaller but my neclaces aren't fitting the same anymore. It is just crazy ain't it?
  • I thought it was bizarre when I lost weight on my toes! They look really scrawny now, and I've dropped a shoe size as well. I know it makes sense that we'll lose fat everywhere, but it isn't something I expected!!!
  • Lost a shoe size?! That would be so awesome. I'm a 12W (US) at the moment, and it would be so wonderful to go down a size. So many shoes come in 11 and not in 12. Even if I lost the W, I would probably cry out of happiness!

    Add another one to my list of motivators!
  • Congrat's, I noticed my necklaces hang a lot lower too. I also notice that my earlobes aren't fat anymore.
  • I used to wear shoes that were US 9' I wear 8's...

    Any one remember the song "Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro..." It's stuck in my head thanks to lilybelle
  • "do you tie them in a knot do you tie them in a bow, do you hang them over your shoulder like a regimental soldier do your ears.hang.low."

    Nope never heard of it!!!!

  • Ha! i'm so glad i'm not the only one. The first place i noticed weight loss was in my wrists. My watches and bracelets no longer fit. It was rediculous. I remember complaining to my husband that this weightloss better appear elsewhere too or i was quiting .

    next i noticed my shoes weren't fitting, and i've gone down about a size or a little more. I can wear anklets now.

    I can also buy chokers and tighter fitting neclaces and they fit very nicely.

    The sad part is, i still look really really fat. But i know that'll come in time.
  • Huh, I remember that song too... but my friend who used to sing it didn't say "ears"...

  • I had a weird weight loss place also. A while back I bought one of those bras which have the thicker shoulders and back strap adjustments that are limited in how far they will adjust; was not thinking as all of those have straps that are too short for me. This one was painful, the straps were so short and I could not stand to wear it. Recently I tried it on and the straps are fine and even needed to be adjusted a bit shorter. I have lost so much weight in the shoulder/back area that the bra straps are no longer too short!
  • I met a major goal fo rme this morning, 5 years ago I started working at the attorney's office I presently work at, and I bought pants, well I had one pair that I have always been able to sqeeze into, and another pair that I couldn't wear after the first year. note- I started a sit down job, got a divorce, moved back home and that equals 30 pounds then since that year I have been remarried and had 2 kids, one in november of 03 and May of 05. I think that added the 15 pounds.

    Any ways back to the goal. That pair of Pants I couldn't wear, I am wearing them, I am so happy today! 3 weeks ago I couldn't even buttom them.

    Tomarrow is my measurement and weigh in day. I can't wait!
  • Quote: Ha! i'm so glad i'm not the only one. The first place i noticed weight loss was in my wrists. My watches and bracelets no longer fit.
    I have a silver chain bracelet I wear all the time. When I first started losing weight I almost lost it one night when it slipped off my wrist! That was a good feeling. It's about ready to be resized for the second time.

    I've lost quite a few inches in the chest area (especially after doing resistance machines that target that part of the body).

    Great going on the pants! The clothes successes always feel especially good to me, better than the scale (sometimes!)
  • Has anyone else noticed that since losing weight that their backbone hurts to lay down in the bathtub? I noticed this for the first time this morning. I usually take showers, but decided on a nice long tub bath and it wasn't at all comfortable anymore.
  • No, but I noticed that my butt started to hurt quickly when I sat on the hardwood floor wrapping presents at Christmas time.