247 to 210 (10 to go)

  • I dropped from 247 and heavy to now 215 in 60 days. I wish I could post my photo. I think I will do a vlog on the exercise, diet and tonic program I am using and I love, love, love my coming results. I can start to see my 2 beers for my coming 6 pack. I am starting to see definition in my arms and chest. I am truly excited. It seemed like I could not get the belly fat to leave even as I was dropping weight. Then I learned belly fat can sit right on top of my 6 pack efforts and never leave. I have a new problem now shirts to big, pants to big and now I gotta shop. I am prior Military so I went back to basics
    Sun through Thurs - everyday Pushups, sit ups, planks, crunches
    No fast foods, no soda, dont smoke, replaced sugar when I could, no milk (almond milk)
    I drink my tonic everyday till I get to my limit (my next order is coming)
    I get 8 hours sleep everyday
    I am planning my trip to get on the beach in the Caribbean in late August