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  • This is exactly what I chose to do! (Except I keep my master table in excel rather than a notepad doc)

    From the start I set myself a goal weight (no goal date) and then broke that down into smaller increments. I just counted them up and, between my starting and end goals weights, I gave myself 63 mini-goals. A bit too fiddly for some people, I'm sure, but breaking everything down in an analytical fashion is right in line with how my brain fires, and having so many goals means I'm almost always approaching, hitting, or riding the positivity of a success and this works for me! I rarely allow myself to consider my weight loss as a whole and I've never focused on losing more than 3 lbs at a time...frequently I've been focused on a mini-goal of just 1lb or less. My table includes columns for: each goal weight, its significance (20 lbs lost, 25% of goal etc.), difference from starting weight to each goal, difference from previous mini-goal to each goal, goal date (which I rarely use, tbh), the date I first achieve or better that weight on the scale, and the date I affirm that goal weight. The last column is a bit singular maybe, but weight fluctuations and slip-ups being what they are, I have sometimes hit a goal and then not seen that number again for days or weeks, let alone seen it consistently. So I consider a weight "affirmed" when I have matched or bettered it on the scale for a full seven days running without creeping over once. I celebrate the first attainment of each goal, but I do another happy dance when I've affirmed it and attained it consistently.

    My favorite on scale victories so far have been: reaching onederland, becoming overweight (as opposed to obese), reaching the weight of the average American woman, and just recently when I achieved honesty on my drivers license after at least a decade of lies. That last goal (170lbs) was reached on 8/13/19 and if my next few weigh-ins go well, I'll officially affirm it on 9/4/ about three weeks between first hitting my goal, and hitting it consistently.

    I also keep simpler lists of non-scale goals (mostly measurements and old clothes to fit into) and fitness goals, and my plan is that once I reach a Normal BMI (159-164lbs for my height) I'll work through the last 10-15lbs of my weight loss with a bit less priority given to moving the scale, and more attention on my fitness goals and body composition. At that point I would count a loss of half a pound to a pound a month as a victory if I'm a Normal BMI and I'm getting healthier and measurably know....doing legit push-ups.
  • One year today since I started this thread. Looks like I've marked off 24 goals in that time and only have about half that number left. I say about because I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to stop and maintain. So a dozen-ish goals left.

    I'm getting closer to the 100 pound lost goal. Few more months.

    I'm not fast, but I have been able to stay on track and keep the scale moving the right direction.