Almost 60 pounds...

  • I still look the same to me. I know that's stupid as the scale says so and the size in clothes but when I look at myself I just see this gigantic person. It's still a goal and maybe some of you will have input about seeing yourself the same as well. 287 to 231. I only notice a difference in my face. I think maybe it's because I'm sitting? Maybe I need to get one of me sitting again but I am so scared of doing that and being completely disappointed in myself all over again.




  • You are looking good girl.
  • You can tell a big difference!
  • Good for you! You are loosing weight - look at your cheeks, they are thinner. Look at your deeper/cleaner curve between armpit and hip - hello - it's trimmer there too!

    Keep up the good work - what I find helps me is taking my measurements about every two weeks, especially now when the scale stalls and I am frustrated. You can get a tape measure at walmart's craft/sewing dept if you don't have one for about $2. I measure my bust, waist and hips. For good measure I throw in my forearm and wrist (both help w/calculating body fat). I then keep a little notebook and record the date and the weight for the day. Sometimes you will have happy surprises to look at how far you have come. Tally up the inches and you will have a smile on your face that something is indeed working.

    I also take pictures with each new decade hit - and I do 4 views: each side and front and back. The 240s I took in my swimsuit - that was an eye opener for me - especially my rear view. But at the same time it showed me where I had slimmed down a bit more and encouraged me to keep trying. I know, we can be our own worse critic - but you are making good changes and 60 lbs is nothing to sneeze at!
  • Reading your signature sounds just like me!! (Minus the smoking) We can do it again!! Oh, and I'm in Texas, too. Lone Star, baby! We've got this...
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