NSV ~ Belly dancing!

  • Today I realized a long-wanted wish, and went to my first belly dancing class. I'm very unsupple, and just wanted to try. I wore a t-shirt on top of leggings, with a sparkly coin scarf tied tightly round my hips.

    Tightly round my hips!! such a big step.

    Entirely clothed and entirely wholesome, it was a nice group, and a very affirming teacher. I'll be back next week!

    ps, my core muscles know they've had a workout!!
  • Yay!!! Super inspiring - Ive always wanted to belly dance!!!!
  • Good for you! Enjoy your class and new found exercise.

  • Sounds like a fun way to exercise. Enjoy!
  • that is awesome.....good for you
  • Great attitude!! Heard Belly dance is a good cardio workout,,,Have a VHS tape on it and tried it for 5 min..but never done all.

    Amazing and Good luck with it!!
  • Thank you, ladies!
  • This is awesome!! Well done you! Shake yo thang!
  • Thanks, MsTibbles