New here-First mini goal, down 25 lbs!

  • I have hypothyroidism and had ballooned up to 270 while I was being diagnosed and having my medication dosage moved around. Before I started college I weighed right at 200 lbs, and when I graduated I snuck up to 244. The 270 happened over the course of 2 years while I was in a post-grad program and starting my first job in my chosen career.

    I work third shift and was eating a TON of fast food..more than one time a day, and drinking a lot of soda. I also never exercised because I have a bad ankle from an old sports injury and a bad shoulder that has had surgery. My meds finally had my thyroid stablized and I not only stopped gaining weight...but I dropped down to 266, then 260 and stopped.

    I said enough is enough, I'm tired of being tired. So I ordered nutrisystem and joined the YMCA a few days into January 2015. I stopped eating fast food altogether. I haven't had a drop of soda in weeks. I eat a ton of veggies and drink a lot of water. I exercise here and there (strength,cardio,swimming).

    I'm already down to 245! I wanted to be below 250 for my trip to Disney/Universal at the end of my new mini goal is to be below 240 for that trip.

    I'm transitioning off of nutrisystem to whole foods eating soon, so I hope I can continue to stay on track. Next mini-goal 50 lbs lost (220), then its onwards to less than 200.
  • Hi! Well done! It must be difficult to have your condition, that can make things a lot more difficult than it already is you can do it!!!
    I'm currently 11 lbs down at one month of starting, counting calories is super effective for me Good luck, and keep it up! we can do it!!!!
  • That's wonderful, Alecto!! Congratulations!!
  • That sounds really great! I keep hearing about mini goals and really like the idea of losing weight this way. I am going to definitely try using mini goals to lose weight with. I think my first mini goal will be to lose 10 pounds! I know I can do it!