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Suzanne 3FC 10-13-2014 08:16 PM

Have you reached a Mini-Goal! Brag about it here!
Welcome to the Mini-Goal forum! This is the place to share when you reach a mini-goal such as 10 pounds lost, losing a dress size, or even conquering that pesky snack habit. It's good to celebrate every step of the way, not just when you get there!

If you want to SET a mini-goal, please feel free to post in our Weight Loss Support forum.

The more, the merrier? We have you covered! Go to our Chicks up for a Challenge forum and set up a challenge for your next mini-goal and invite others to join you :)

mic2u 03-29-2015 11:22 PM

found this place
well my weight spun out of control in the past year due 2 several sudden health problems, and now im left feeling isolated and confused as 2 where I can get some support 2 try and get back 2 normal

salicaceous 08-18-2015 07:46 PM

Today I reached 205.6 which means I've finally hit my 25lbs lost mark!!! So I'm a quarter of the way to my first GW of 130!!! 75 more to go!!! Woo hoo!

aucortez 08-31-2015 09:32 AM

Twenty five pounds down!
I gained 5-10 lb a year for the past decade, leaving me 70lb overweight and discouraged. Seven weeks ago I started IP and, as of today, have shed 25lb. I have so much more energy, enjoy picking out my clothes to wear for the day, and look forward to whittling down the remaining 45lb. As someone who does not like dieting, I have to say nothing feels better than reaching a healthier weight, and realizing I CAN DO THIS!

aucortez 08-31-2015 07:41 PM

Congratulations and I know you can get to your goal!

BVMarie 11-23-2015 12:24 PM

I started out at 193.8 on November 10, my mini goal was to lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving. I weighed in at 183.4 a week ahead of my deadline! On to my next mini goal of getting in the 170s by the end of the week. Setting mini goals really make the time go by fast when you are counting down the pounds! Also down 2 shirt sizes yay!! But now I have no shirts that fit lol, but that's a good problem. Congrats to all you on reaching your mini goals!!

FrozenDreams 11-23-2015 05:44 PM

so far lost 100lb.. only have 75 lb more to go! so excited :)
this is the furthest I've gone to losing weight and I'm so proud of myself.. I can't wait to reach maintenance and know I've finally made it!

Tee4Tee 12-30-2015 11:33 AM

Yes! I have reached a mini goal.... slightly over 10 lbs lost. I am so excited about it. It is becoming real, real weight loss and the dream of being at goal weight is for the first time a real possibility!

Tee4Tee 12-30-2015 11:34 AM

@Frozendreams... congratulations! 100 lbs is an awesome achievement. I am so impressed!

Tee4Tee 12-30-2015 11:37 AM

just like you I love the idea of setting these mini goals as a challenge and a bet with myself. Nothing is as encouraging as loosing the weight. It is so easy to get discouraged when the weight loss does not match up with the incredible amount of commitment and sacrifice we put in every day. So seeing actual results is the best motivator of all! Good job!

tweetyaz 02-02-2016 02:08 PM

I started out at 264.4 and I am now at 214.4. That is a hard fought mini goal which I got to TWICE. Losing it once was to be commended but having to lose it twice was a bit on stupid side. Here I am and headed for 154.4 . I know I can make it. My next mini goal is below 210 and the below 200. So close and yet so far.

ambersherr 04-18-2016 04:25 PM

My first mini goal.
Last week did my first mini goal, it was to smoking and drinking coffee all together.
I will be getting bariatric surgery done in two week.
So I had to stop smoking and drink coffee, a cup of coffee is not the same with out a cigarette.
So that was my first mini goal starting my journey.

Karencat 04-19-2016 06:10 AM

Got to under 300 pounds this week !!!!
still a long way to go .. . first of my mini goals was loose 15 pounds did that .... this is my second mini goal - go under 300 pounds! its nice to be in the 200's

lemonthyme 04-19-2016 11:26 AM

Congrats to all of you on your mini-goals! It's a nice feeling to hit these along the way. Keep it up!

horoscopa 07-11-2016 04:31 PM

Today I reached 343.8, 16 pounds less than my starting weight! I can't believe it (happy dance).

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