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  • try it, won't hurt if you do.
  • never give up
    Quote: Congratulations on such great success!! I continue to meet my goal of 3 - 5 servings of vegetables a day!!
    wow that's great keep up the god work.
  • never give up
    Quote: Well, I lost 50 so far, but this next 50 seems like a lightyear away. Better to be down slowly than up! :-D
    mmm that's right.
  • never give up
    Quote: Congrats to all on meeting mini-goals! I dropped into the 170s about a week ago, after playing the up & down game with 3 pounds for a very long time. That made me happy.
    wow awesome, well i will never give up until i reach my goals, 180 is ok thou.
  • I will never give up
  • Mini Goal
    I recently just lost 10 pounds and I am super proud of myself and I wanna tell everyone to never give up!
  • well done, im proud
  • I went through bad psychological conditions, I lost my appetite for two weeks, and I kept walking for half an hour a day, losing about 18 pounds
  • 100 Pounds Gone!!!!!
    Today is the day!!!
    High Weight was 318.
    Today (finally!!!) I was 218.
    It has been a long journey, and I'm not finished. But this feels SO awesome!!
    I don't have pictures yet (I will soon) but I've attached my old Driver's License and my New Driver's License so you can see the change.
    I am over the top delighted with the "new me".
    https://imgur.com/a/RWoh6EK <------ Driver's License Pictures Old and New
  • know how sugar increases your weight
    hey guys the real culprit is excess sugar and family of white ... i mean all white things like sugar, cheese, fat, salt, flour, what else think and comment ..what you know about other whites in what you eat..... i will tell you the secret about it adding to your weight...
  • wow dieting don't help at all
    sounds exciting
  • wow !!
    congratulations and keep the pace..watch what you eat
  • Congratulations
    Congratulations, Donna - that's quite a journey.

    Good to hear that you plan to keep on keeping on.