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  • I’ve lost a little over 10 lbs.
  • Nice work Panda! From your signature it sounds like you're half way there!
    Have you had any NSV's along the way too? Clothes fitting better or comments from friends etc?
  • Quote: Nice work Panda! From your signature it sounds like you're half way there!
    Have you had any NSV's along the way too? Clothes fitting better or comments from friends etc?
    Thankfully no comments from friends. I would hate that.

    I don’t feel different and don’t notice a difference yet, because with the weight I had gained I still could wear the same jeans, etc.
    I do have a little bit of a stomach pooch, which I can notice if I look in the mirror sideways, and I do feel my arms are tight in some sleeves.
    I should look for a measuring tape to try to measure the pooch- it’s hard for me to see but can tell in the mirror at certain side angles. I can’t really pinch it so probably easier to just take measurements all around.

    So once I’ve dropped the rest of my gained weight I am looking forward to being back to normal. Especially with spring and summer clothing around the corner. The
    weather is finally getting sunny and nice now where I live - snow finally over.

    UPDATE:That gave me a great idea - I found a measuring tape in one of my sewing kits and I looked online for instructions for how to take my measurements for weight loss tracking. I took all my measurements now and hope to be posting some NSV in a few weeks!
  • ahah! you're thinking of yourself as just getting back to 'normal' then - and still thinking to yourself that you have gained weight - not really that you have lost 10lb. That's good though, as hopefully you'll be back to normal soon and on your normal way and no-one but you will be any the wiser.
  • I recently started running 5 kms 2-3 times every week, been 6 months.
  • I love this forum already
  • in three weeks I lost 5 kg: D
  • Yahoo! 20lbs
    Hey you all!! I have lost 20lbs. I am so psyched!!!
  • Congratulations! That's really great!
  • Hi everyone.
    I was always shy to talk or to answer someone here, but I always read these threads. Today I decided to finally post the answer here. I started thinking about my little goals which I achieved.
    Here are some of them:
    - I've given up such habit as drinking too much alcohol. I don't drink it now at all.
    - I've lost 20 pounds recently.
    - I go to be bed at one time each day.
    - I've bought myself a new perfume.

    Honestly, my biggest problem is smoking now. I'm already thinking about trying vaping as an alternative. I've tried so many methods but nothing helped. I looked through many articles on the Internet, was reading on VapingDaily about it too. I found out that vaping can really help heavy smokers, who can't just stop. Maybe someone tried?
  • Weight Loss
    I am super happy for all of you that have lost weight...I cannot seem to lose it. I've been working out for 2 weeks now. Any tips would work. Anyone recommend any detox teas?
  • Weight Loss
    Nice job everyone. I am trying really hard to be able to lose this mommy belly flat!
  • I lost 42lbs in 30 days
    My attempt at The Atkins Diet.
    Once a month, I used to meet up with a few of my friends and work colleges, and we used to go out for a heavy session of eating & drinking. We made right pigs of ourselves, but we had a good laugh and a great time.

    As time went by, I personally started putting on weight because of this activity, so something needed to change… fast!

    So a few years ago, I decided that I needed to lose some weight, because I couldn’t afford to go & change my wardrobe, just because I couldn’t fit into my decent clothes anymore.

    The Atkins Diet
    Someone told me about The Atkins diet. So I read up on it, and thought… it can’t be that hard! and I had the willpower and determination to succeed.

    Taking on board about everything that I read, I decided to go food shopping that evening.
    My shopping list completely changed from my normal shop, and I found myself looking at labels (something I’d never done before).
    You wouldn’t believe the amount of carbs in most food products…And my shop took me about 2 hours!

    When I got home, I threw out anything carb related, so I wouldn’t be tempted to give up. Weighing in at… 18 st 2lbs, I was well over weight for my height 5’9″.
    I went to bed with my glass of water, and thinking about my approach to this new change in my lifestyle.

    The Next Morning
    Up & showered, I went to the kitchen for my breakfast, which consisted of a couple of pieces of fruit and a coffee + a glass of water. I thought to myself…that wasn’t so bad.

    Throughout the morning, I pushed myself NOT to eat anything until 12 o’clock. My lunch was a small bag of celery & carrot sticks and a few grapes + a bottle of water… I was starving!

    Counting the hours, I couldn’t wait to get home and eat my dinner… so I thought to myself, what shall I have? this made me so hungry.
    When I got home (which seemed like an eternity) I went straight to the kitchen and took out my Tuna steak from the fridge and I cut up 1 courgette, and grilled it with a little oil, and fried my Tuna steak with some seasoning & herbs.

    Even though I was hungry, I decided to eat it slowly… it was absolutely delicious! I also treated myself to a plain Greek yogurt, as this only contained around 3 carbs, not forgetting my glass of water & a glass of pure orange juice…That was it for the day.

    Keeping Occupied
    Making my decision to try and occupy my mind by reading a book on fishing, but I soon got bored, so I switched the TV on and watched a movie, but then the unthinkable happened… OMG…a food advert came on!!! so that quickly went off and I had an early night instead.

    Next day, same routine, same food, everything. I was determined not to weigh myself until the end of the week But, I’m weak!
    Jumped on the scales only 2 days into my diet, and found I’d lost 4lbs… Great stuff!
    So now I know it’s doing something, i’ll keep it up.

    By the end of the first week, I found myself shaking, and thought my body was going into some sort of shock! I just sat down with my glass of water and kept calm, and the shaking quickly passed.

    I went to the bathroom and weighed myself… I’d lost 14 lbs = 1 stone. I couldn’t believe it!
    So I decided to carry on, and the following week got a lot easier… no hunger pangs at all! I just kept myself busy, rather than thinking of food constantly.

    Food that I ate during my diet, Tuna, Beef, Chicken, different Vegetables & Fruit.
    By the end of week 2, I’d lost a total of 28lbs. This diet is starting to get easier by the day!

    Week 3 total weight lost was 35lbs, Week 4 I had lost a total of 42lbs = 3 Stone & 2lbs. I Got my weight down to 15 stone in just 4 weeks… Brilliant!

    As planned, I met up with my mates as usual for our monthly binge, and they couldn’t believe how much weight I’d lost, over such a short period of time. I had a couple of drinks, but I also had 2 pieces of pizza… I felt so bloated, and drank water for the rest of the evening.

    If you have never tried a Carb Free or a Low Carb diet, and you have willpower, you could lose the same sort of weight that I did.
    One thing that did annoy me slightly, I’d lost so much weight, my clothes were too big, so I ended up buying new one’s anyway!

    You’ve got to try this, but only if you have willpower, and you’re determined to succeed. I promise you that you’ll see some great results.
  • hi guys, i lost 8 pounds in my first week! ive struggled in the past to keep on with my diet but this time i feel its different. I feel more energized and motivated. dont feel hungry or tired. so far its going really well, not like last year when i gained almost double the pounds i lost. my goal is to lose around 30 pounds before summer, think i can achieve my goal this time. if i make it im going to wear that bikini i bought las year
  • fall back into the old habits and broke down but I'm proud of where I come from. 278lb now