Mini-Goals Even if you're not at goal yet, this is the place to share your successes and achievements along the way! Success can be measured in many ways besides the scales. Tell us about your triumphs, including Non Scale Victories

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Default Mini goal met!

Hi everyone! I am just getting back on track and just bought an exercise video, and have completed the entire DVD twice now. I know that might sound so minor, but it was really hard for me to keep going and there were soooo many times I wanted to quit half way through!! I am going to try to do the video 5-6x a week.
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Congratulations on such great success!! I continue to meet my goal of 3 - 5 servings of vegetables a day!!
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Well, I lost 50 so far, but this next 50 seems like a lightyear away. Better to be down slowly than up! :-D
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Congrats to everyone on reaching their mini-goals!!
After slipping up a little bit last night and splurging when I wasn't suppose to, I actually managed to DROP to 164, which brings me officially to a 30 lb loss!!! I'm about 6 lbs away from a normal bmi, 35 lbs away from feeling comfortable, and 44 away from my ultimate goal weight! Almost there!!
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Congrats to all on meeting mini-goals! I dropped into the 170s about a week ago, after playing the up & down game with 3 pounds for a very long time. That made me happy.
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Talking Mini goal reached :)

Down 20 pounds and I am not stopping

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Default Mini-Goal Reached!

Hi there, I'm excited to say i've met my mini-goal by reaching 169 pounds. I have 19 more to go! thank you
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So far down 26 pounds since Thanksgiving. SW was 188.5. Currently at 162.5. Goal is 145 by August 5.

My biggest goal met was going on a 8 day cruise the end of February and did not gain 1 pound!! I cheated some, restrained some and walked over 45 miles that week.
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Viva Cristo Rey!
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After surgery last October and coming home with a determination to refocus on losing some weight and eating healthier, I can say that now I'm down 27+ pounds since then, below my pre-hysterectomy weight. The hysterectomy (in 2008) was not only the start of weight gain, but I developed incisional hernias from it. Two mesh repairs in 2010 and 2013 didn't hold, so I went in for a component separation abdominal wall reconstruction. That was quite a bigger deal and can only be done once. So I wanted it to hold; I figured less pressure from within would be helpful!

I think I'm about to drop a clothing size, can't tell for sure and have been kind of busy and on a tight budget to go shopping to see. But I pulled out some shorts that were a size or so smaller and I can get them on now! Yippee!
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Default Starting to feel the difference

Originally Posted by mic2u View Post
well my weight spun out of control in the past year due 2 several sudden health problems, and now im left feeling isolated and confused as 2 where I can get some support 2 try and get back 2 normal
You are NOT alone. So many of us with physical issues. I am married but am so fat my husband is not intimate with me anymore. Keep on the positive side, and do what you can, starting by loving yourself for all your faults. Take Care one day at a time!
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Wow everyone is doing so amazing hitting their mini goals. I have officially reached one of my mini goals which was to workout at least 5 days a week. I have been consistently doing that for the past 3 weeks. I am so proud of myself. I usually fall off the wagon by now.
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I've lost a total of 14lbs I am hoping to lose quite a bit more before the new year.
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Everyone here is a huge inspiration.
Today i have reached my first mini goal of loosing 3 kg. I know it is not much, but i am so happy to see at least some results.
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Hi! I'm new here but I've been reading this forum for almost two months and I signed up today to share this mini goal...

I lost my first 10lbs!!! I'm so happy 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

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Yeah for you all! Keep up the good work.
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