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cheddahcat 05-31-2014 07:10 AM

I'm just about at my 20 day waiting to add a weight ticker but need more posts. I'm down 14 lbs!!!!! Which in uk is a stone. I'm becoming more adjusted to my life style change and I'm also becoming less sad over no sugar and carbs. My clothes are looser and even in a smaller size! Much more to go but at least I'm 13pounds closer. Yay me !!! :carrot:

LRH 05-31-2014 08:15 AM

Wonderful achievement! Congrats! Continued success in reaching your goals!

Streudel 05-31-2014 02:06 PM

Way to go, cheddahcat!! :D

luckymommy 05-31-2014 03:35 PM


Pattience 05-31-2014 03:42 PM

Excellent progress! Keep up the good work! (tongue in cheek - my teacher speech - but i mean it.)

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