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Talking I avoided a binge!

I went to the store, depressed that I had pigged out so many times this week. I started weight watchers recently, and had lost almost 8 lbs. But this week I pigged out so badly I may have gained a lot.


The point is, I went to the store depressed and just wanting to pig out because "who cares, I blew it anyway" and also, was craving so many things so badly. So I picked out all this stuff, wandered around for a long time, putting things back on the shelf, picking out new foods to pig out on...

I eventually succeeded, in a moment where the cravings subsided slightly, to put it ALL back and leave the store buying only the veggies and stuff I had planned to get. I also bypassed the wine store which was RIGHT THERE.

So BOO YEAH!!! I did it!! I successfully avoided a crazy pig out binge. I have never actually done that before. Usually once my mind is made up to pig out, I'm beyond the realm of rational thought. But not this time!!!
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Aloha nui loa
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Yay! Keep up the good work!
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Good stuff- well done!!
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The fact the you were able to regain control at that point is really great! You should be so proud of yourself!

I will remember your story the next time I think about binging.
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That is beautiful. Congrats. It is absolutely a cause to celebrate. I know what your mind feels like pre-binge. It is exceptionally hard to stop that derailed train of thoughts.

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Awesome for you! Think of it as another step in the process that you climbed. Keep up the good work
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Fantastic. I try, when possible, it isn't always, to be as full as I can be when going to a store. I am planning to go after work today so that is an example when I most likely will be a bit hungry.

But whenever I can I like to eat a nice protein/veggie meal be nice and full and then go shop. I make much better choices that way.

Also someone said this and I had never thought of it. But if you never go down an aisle in a supermarket you are probably going to be ok. Think about it. Meats, dairy, fruits, veggies are all on the outside usually. In other words FOOD is on the outside. Processed yuck is on the aisles.
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Wow! That's like, superhero level self-control, you should be very proud!
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Good job!
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Nice! i know this feeling you are talking about. When I win this battle I feel amazing every time. When I lose I feel horrible. Keep it up lovely you can do it!
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