broke my plateau and hit another mini goal :)

  • Happy weekend everyone So I was stuck on a plateau for about 3 1/2 weeks, weight and even the ounces didnt budge...I couldnt lower my calories anymore or else I would have been starving myself..due to some pre existing medical conditions I cannot do strenuous exercises but was doing Leslie Sansone walking dvds which I absolutely love!! ive since tore my meniscus in my knee from the workout and can no longer do that anymore until it gets fixed *sheesh* anyways for one week I blew my diet(on purpose), hamburgers,sweets etc..and then the following week(this one) jumped back on the diet band wagon..I thought id try and "trick/confuse" my body..well it worked for me I broke the plateau and lost 4.4lbs(oddly I didnt gain anything either when I ate like a horse for the week) my grand total since Jan 2nd is 30lbs lost!!!..with only 23 more pounds to go..its been about 7 years since I saw 183 on the scale im so happy
  • Congrats on hitting 183!!! Sorry about your knee though, what a bummer. Try not to exercise sooner than you should though, you don't want to hurt yourself worse.

    Interesting about going off your diet and then breaking your plateau. Our bodies are such mysteries!!
  • Nice! Way to go! Sorry about your knee, that stinks. Be careful with it!
  • That's wonderful! Do be careful with your knee.
  • Congrats and now less than halfway there! I know the feeling. Do be careful with your knee, please, it is not worth injuring yourself any further!
  • Congrats!
  • Congratulations! That's amazing!!!!!!! It's always great to know possible ways to end a plateau!!
  • Thanks so much everyone
  • Congratulations! I used to do the Leslie Sansone walking workouts, too. I have some issues that make exercise diffult for me, as well. I've found that working out in the pool is about all I can do and I love being in the water. I don't know if that's an option for you? Hang in there and it's nice to see that you haven't given up and have such a positive attitude. Keep up the great work
  • 30lbs in 3 months is amazing! What are you doing?!

    And congrats on breaking your plateau! I hate running into them
  • Quote: 30lbs in 3 months is amazing! What are you doing?!

    And congrats on breaking your plateau! I hate running into them
    Thank you Ive just cut calories..I drink lots of water(I never liked water before, and didnt drink I love it) and I do allow myself one cheat day a hubby has also embarked on this journey too, although he started a few weeks after me..hes lost 40 pounds and waist has went from a 44 to a 38