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Default 17lbs down!

Hey guys! I know I haven't been around much but I've been working really hard on losing this weight before college. I still haven't found out if I was accepted or not but even if I'm not (this is my dream college, though, I would be heartbroken) I'm still going to work hard on losing this weight for myself.

So, I've lost 17lbs in nearly a week. CRAZY amount. I was surprised when I stepped up on that scale and saw that. I've been eating five small meals a day, watching how many calories/carbs I take in, and been working out twice a day. I didn't expect to lose such a amount so fast. I've been doing it healthily, too. I give myself a break when needed and I admit, I do cheat on my diet at times but I don't over do it.

I didn't think losing nearly 20lbs would make a difference but when I look in the mirror, I see it. I don't feel it yet. I do feel more energized and happy. But as for the weight, I don't feel it but I see it and that makes me so happy. I'm still doing the same things and I can't wait to see my results at the end of the month.
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wow! that's impressive, congrats Keep doing what you're doing!
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I see so many parallels between your and my routine. I also have been eating several small meals a day, and I allow a "cheat" when need be. Actually I just try and recognize what my body can and can't handle (which meant taking a few risks, meaning eating things I ought not should had for the purpose of experimentation) but it paid off. Like I can get away with something hearty in the morning now... which I previously would had not taken the chance.

I have not been working out though. I walk a ton, and so far that's enough. I build muscle pretty fast and if I train I won't see the loss and get frustrated. I know it sounds counter productive but its working. 30 lbs down 71 to go.

Either way, congratz on your loss

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Mozzy, thank you! :]

Silverfire, thanks and I will!

Misti in Seattle, nearly my exact reaction! =D

Bluejaybythesea, that's awesome! I've tried different foods and cut some out - sometimes but today, the bread rolls at Texas Roadhouse were killer to ignore but I managed - and it's working out really well. So glad to hear you only have 71 to go! I have about 105 to go but congrats on your lost and thanks :]
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17lbs in a week!? I think you get the award for biggest weight loss I have seen yet!

Keep doing what you are doing, it's definitely working for you!
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My favorite posts are by people who listen to their bodies rather than seeking 100% perfection adhering to any plan. It's what we all need to do. I'm so happy for your loss.
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Originally Posted by Natalie42 View Post
I'm so happy for your loss.
not a sentence you often hear but me too!
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Well done, that's an amazing loss.
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WOW! Awesome week! *fingers crossed for you on your dream school*
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