Going in the right direction..... At last

  • Hi Friends,
    I was at my dietician's appointment this wek and I lost 3lbs.

    This was HUGE! Unlike many people who begin to eat correctly along with exercising and the pounds melt off .... I struggle with weightloss. I have chronic pain from numerous maladies which makes exercising challanging, as well as taking medicines that allow for massive weight gains(namely prednisone which had me gain 25lbs). As such,I have been able to lose weight for a year now due to loss of motivation to exercise inspite of the pain and the prednisone.

    Three weeks ago I decided to begin to power walk outside - something I did 22 years ago when I suffered an I jury to my spine and worked out with a trainer who went with power walks with. Me outside. This new workout was so motivati g for me! I felt amazing - pain was overwhelming but the achievement of the walk overshadowed the pain! At last I had found a way to regain my exercising mojo !!!!

    Thank for readin.

    XO Jenn
  • Good luck. I am always inspired by people who don't like to exercise, but do it. I count myself in that group. But to exercise and be in pain while doing it shows a level of dedication that I'm not sure I would have. Hopefully this will lead to lessening your pain eventually. And, congratulations on the weight loss!
  • You have taken control and told your body (I don't care what you feel like - pain) you cannot stop me! GOOD for YOU!

    I have that plantir F thingy on my heal and it hurts like the dickens (I cannot compare to your pain) all the time.. but I am walking 2 miles 4-5 times a week and tell my heal to STUFF IT when it screams at me. My mind is so much happier when I am done so I know that I made myself healthier. Heal well I glare at it and tell it ha ha I overcame you.

    Stick with it as much as you can and you will be rewarded!
  • Yay!!!
  • Good for you!!! Anything to keep moving is good for your body AND your mind
  • Awesome! Congrats!!
  • Yay Sadly I can relate to the pain thing, maybe not to the degree of you. I have a protruding disc in my back and degenerative issues along with a herniated disc in my neck. I have been dealing with pain for a while now and it has been one of my factors in my failure to move more and doing what I need to loose weight. However since the 3rd I have been pushing myself to just walk and can already notice a big difference with how I feel. Even though admittedly my back and neck have been pretty sore. I am feeling more energized and the accomplishment of knowing I am sticking with it is a good feeling.
  • Wannaskipandlaugh, I, too have had trouble with plantar f -- and it really can impact your workout. I found these wonderful insole and shoes that are specifically for plantar f. Completely solved the problem, took away the pain, and got me back to working out. They're made by a company named Orthaheel. I know amazon carries them. Just an FYI if yours is really giving you a lot of problems.
  • So happy for your 3lb loss this week!! I'm glad you came back to post and tell us about it!!

    Make sure you change your ticker near your picture so you can see the number move down, it sure is a motivator for me! I am afraid I am going to get a ticket speeding home from my doctor's office to make my 3FC changes lol.
  • Thank you Betsy2013. I will keep an eye out for that and as soon as I get a job.. that is definitly one thing I need to get for my happiness (Orthaheel) My mom told me a neat trick. Put a dish towel down on the ground and with your hurting heel foot - crunch your toes around the towel and slowing bring it to you (with your toes) For some reason it pulls the tendon alittle and the sharp pain goes away. That helps after I have walked and my heel is screaming Try it and let me know

    We are having a BEAUTIFUL day here in Florida and I will send sunshine and warmth to you all!