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Default 140 lbs. lost in less than a year, first time photos. A must see!

To start....
When I lost my first 20 lbs. I was so shocked and excited that I decided to sign up for this site. I signed up with hopes to stay motivated, and to communicate with others who would actually understand and relate to what I was going through. The day I signed up I remember looking through everyones goals whether mini, or final goal, and realizing that everyone else's start weight was much lower than my current weight that I was so happy to have reached. I felt a little discouraged that I was so excited to be the weight I was when they were at least 50 lbs. less than my current mini goal. I didn't look at the goal albums, or threads much and just began blogging to stay focused. It helped so much to blog about my experience, help others, and let it all out. I learned to just focus on my goal not everyone else's. Back then when I signed up I never thought this day would come that I would make it this far and I could post my own photos. I've kept my weight off for about a year now and could have posted, but part of me didn't want to because the before photos are something I refuse to show anyone. However, at this point I finally feel that I'm ready. I still struggle with my weight every day and need to do this as a reminder of how far I've come, and to get back to staying focused. As people say, "if I can do it anyone can" couldn't be more true here. All of my life I thought I was incapable of losing weight, and had no willpower to stick to it. I wish I had done this sooner, but it wasn't possible until I was 100% ready to lose weight. Please read my story and be inspired, not discouraged like I once was.

My Battle:
I have been overweight since I was 7 years old. I struggled with my weight all my life and never thought it was possible to actually lose weight. Part of it was because I had always been put on "diets" all my life and I was sick of it, and the other part was that I had grown to accept being heavy, and was content with it. I had always been given diets, weight loss supplments, put on programs, given diet fads, etc. and once I was old enough I was done being told what to do. I had no willpower to stick to any kind of diet and didnt want to be on it for the first place so it never worked and I never lost. I didn't think I could change being heavy, so I grew to believe this was my fate. At 20 years old I even went to the doctor to get help with my weight as I had for years and he told me that when someone is born with the "fat gene" no amount of dieting can help. This is when I felt it wasn't my fault and I became bigger than ever. I believed him for two reasons, 1. I had no will power to stick to a diet, and 2. If I did try something I gained instead because I couldn't dedicate myself to it. I had no desire to diet, no will power to diet, and in my mind no need to diet. Again, I accepted my fate. I was overweight and that was that.

My Realization:
At the doctor visit that I mentioned above I was 20 years old, and 240 lbs. One month after that visit I became pregnant with my Son and by the time I gave birth I weighed 260. After having my Son my only focus was being a Mother. I had always accepted my weight, so at this point especially it was of no concern. I was happily heavy and didn't feel it was important to lose or watch what I eat now that I was a Mom. I was going through a stressful time with my ex boyfriend from 2006 to 2010, and losing weight was the last thing on my mind. Once I was at my heaviest of 277 lbs. I just felt there was nothing I could do even IF I tried to lose. I would go to bed every single night thinking I have got to do something. I have got to live through the night for my Son. I have got to lose weight. At the same time I refused to see how big I had gotten, and refused to admit to myself or anyone else that it effected or limited any part of my life. Then during the end of Summer of 2010 on a boating trip I realized I was no longer the person I used to be. Although I was always heavy I still felt pretty, still felt confident for the most part. Now however, I was someone stuck in a shell. I had become anti-social, no longer knew that I was attractive, couldnt dress the way I desired, I felt old at just 25, and felt out of place at places others my age enjoyed. I didn't feel that I fit in at the places a normal 25 year old would. On the boat trip home from the concert I sat there realizing this, and felt so sad that I couldn't change it. **The 5th "Before" picture below is actually the day that this happened** It was a turning point in my head, but wasn't enough to make me change. It didn't come until months later.

My Change:
In October 2010 I got a seasonal job for fun that had me on my feet more than usual a few times a week. After three weeks I thought maybe, just maybe I lost a few pounds. Since I thought it was impossible for me to lose weight I thought just a few pounds sounded pretty amazing, so you can imagine how shocked I was when I was nearly 20 pounds lighter! I realized that I was so close to my pre-pregnancy weight! I thought if I could lose this much weight not trying then how much could I lose while trying? I decided to go by calories. I had no idea what I was doing, I just learned as I went along. I started realizing my own rules to go by, helpful tips, new recipes, and for the first time felt what incredible felt like! I wasn't giving in this time. No one, or nothing could get me off track, or want to cheat. It wasn't even an option since I had changed how I ate for good.

At age 17 I was 212 lbs.
At age 20 I was 240 lbs.
At age 21 I was 260 lbs.
At age 25 I was 277 lbs.
Then at age 25, I took charge and lost 140 lbs! It took 6.5
months to lose the first 100 lbs, and the following 40 soon after!

I did this 100% natural by just eating healthy! No extreme exercise, no hidden secrets or diet fads. It also cleared up stomach issues due to gallbladder removal! I suffered with daily severe stomach problems for almost 5 years after having my gallbladder removed, I now have zero problems after changing the way I eat! My life is completely different, wonderful, incredible, and my only regret is not doing this sooner. I feel that I have just began to live the life I've always been meant to.

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You look amazing! Congrats!
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Danggg girl lol you look good! Congrats...its amazing how the body can transform!
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congrats, you look great!
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Wow! You go girl

How in the world did you lose it so fast? Did you just count calories and exercise or low carb?? If you don't mind sharing I'd like to know an example of what you did when you first started and lost 100 pounds in 6.5 months because that is amazing to me!
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WOW! Congratulations! You are truly inspiration! You look amazing!
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What did you eat?!
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Wow!!! Amazing transformation! You're a total hottie!
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You look smokin'!! I'd love to hear how you did it.
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Thank you so much everyone! I realized what I said initially was really brief and didnt tell my full story so I went back and added a lot to it...too much and basically wrote a novel lol. I know most will just skip right to the photos, but maybe some who are struggling may read my story, and be inspired.

I ate low calorie foods, came up with my own recipes as I went along, used tips that I came up with that helped me, learned what foods to cut out, and changed my whole thought process on food, eating, health, etc.
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You are smokinnn! I read the entire thing before seeing the pictures You are inspiring! Thank you for sharing with all of us. You are a rockstar!
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So.... This is what you dress like when you lose Weight! You go girl, you a Sexy MOF! Love it girl! You are right it was a must see! You did darn good! So proud of you! Keep up the good work Beautiful!
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Came back today to read your whole post because I didn't have time last night. . .

Wow, that doctor was a total TOOL! I can't believe a medical professional would tell someone to accept being obese. I applaud you even more for overcoming obesity.

I think, too, so many of us after becoming mothers completely put our own stuff aside and focus solely on the child(ren). It can be very hard mentally to focus on yourself! At least I've found that to be true for myself.

You are a true inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing not only your photos, but especially your story!
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You look amazing! A total inspiration!! It doesn't even look like you have any loose skin! WOW!
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No description available.
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Wow!!! Congrats!
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