Cutting out sugar

  • This is my fourth week minus the obvious sugars, i.e. cookies (bags of), candy, sugary cereals and my personal favorite, orange ices (in cups by the 6-pack). I was probably about 210 lbs. and recently am 199 lbs. Haven't been under that 200 lb. mark in a very long time. May take a some time, year or so, I figure, but am on my way. Yay!! It's a harder effort than I anticipated. Still can't go down the cookie/candy/frozen treats aisles in the supermarket. But, I am feeling better and have to take it day by day and sometimes hour by hour. But, if it were easy everyone would be slim. Also, I began to get hunger pangs again and I haven't had them since I was a kid. It encourages me when I do get them. They are a good feeling for me and now I look forward to them. Could it have been the sugar all along? Probably. Talk to me...
    This supports what you are thinking about sugar!!
  • I think you're probably onto something.

    Reading Gary Taubes' "Why we get fat: And what to do about it" was a big breakthrough for me. While some consider parts of the book controversial, the preponderance of evidence is that high glycemic index foods (like sugary cereals and orange cubes) strongly signal your body to store fat. In Taubes' words, "You're not getting fat because your overeating, you're overeating because you're getting fat."

    In any case, yes... if it's working for you, then by all means stick with it.

    Congrats and good luck!
  • Quote: But, if it were easy everyone would be slim.
    Very true!!! And good for you! I'm cutting out sugar and lowering my carb intake also. I had pretty yo-yoing blood sugar levels for a while...I would feel very shaky, nauseous, cranky, etc. if I hadn't eaten. When I was a teen, before I knew about nutrition, I'd think "Oh, I have low blood something sweet!" LOL, wow. Anyway, since cutting out sugar and lowering my carbs, that has pretty much gone away. I can get hungry without feeling sick now.
  • Thanks, peeps, for the information. Nice too know you're never alone and can get feedback. Get it "peeps" - chicks. LOL Have a great day and better weekend.
  • Been a struggle, but have now lost 14 lbs. Still trying to keep the sugar from the my lifestyle... Good luck to all. Keep striving.