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Default Think you haven't lost that much?

I have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal. Like most people I have smaller goals that I shoot for, like the next 10 or the next pants size, but I've found myself getting overwhelmed with the amount I have to lose occasionally and this is what I do that works for me, so I thought I'd share. I've lost nearly 35 pounds since May and have about 115 left to go. That last 4 months haven't really been so bad...I mean I feel good more than I don't, which is a nice change. I've had my slip ups and my cheats or the days I just didn't feel like going to the gym, but there was always a new day or a new hour even. So...I got a quarter of the way to my goal without being miserable. AND...I have cats, so there are always boxes of cat litter in my house that I can go lift (one in each hand 15 pounds a peice) and tell myself you've lost more than THIS and these are heavy!

So, in short...when you have a long way to go and you think you haven't lost that much in comparison...go pick up something that's that amount of weight and walk around the house for a few minutes. It really puts things in prospective for me! I can do this! I have made more progress in the last 4 months than I have in the last 10 years. I. CAN. DO. THIS!
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Getting smaller everyday
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That's awesome! And a good way to keep the motivation going!
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Changing for the better
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Great advice and awesome attitude, kitten!! I feel overwhelmed at times too, now I need to find a 26few pound thing to lift
Keep up the good work!
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learning to love myself
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Thank you, I needed this reminder/encouragement!
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I can't even lift what I've lost so far. How in the world was I carrying it around all the time?
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My 5yo weighs about the same as the weight I've lost this year. It is tiring carrying her around for a while. Doing it reminds me of why my legs/hips were so achy last winter.
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Every pound is a victory
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I absolutely agree! I've lost more than all three of my kids (6 y/o twins and 16 m/o) combined! It's an amazing feeling, and I kept track of it throughout my weight loss journey to stay motivated. Congrats on being a quarter of the way there!
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It's about time
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Wow, that is really excellent advice. As soon as I read your post I thought of the huge 50-pound horse grain bags I've carried and almost collapsed under. Those things are freaking heavy! To think I was carrying that around is crazy!

Congrats on your loss, and thanks for the eye-opening post!
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I love the idea of this! I do it all the time. I've lost more weight than my 2 1/2 year old. He's 31 pounds and lugging him around gets exhausting. I often wonder the same thing, how did I lug that around all the time?

Congrats on the 35 pound loss!
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I love this! I also like being in the grocery store, throwing a 10lb bag of potatoes at my hubby and saying "i've lost 3 of those" it really helps him put it all into perspective too!

great idea!
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Great idea!

Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on your progress!
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I love this idea too! I need to go pick up (and put back) 10 pound bags of potatoes...or I can just get the cat litter I guess LOL.
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Wonderful motivation! I use bags of kibble. A bag of Kirkland Signature Adult Cat food weighs 25 lbs. I am almost there! I can't wait until I get up to the great big bags of litter they sell at Costco.
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Congrats and keep up the good work
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This is so true. Last week I picked up a 25 lb bag of garden soil. It made me think how in the world did I carry that extra weight earlier this year?

Great thread!

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