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  • I've been sitting here at 199 for one week today, and the scale hasn't budged. I'm ready to scream and have threatened it a few times with some choice words LOL.

    On the bright side, I did have three- THREE!- NSV's today!! It was a little chilly, so I decided on long pants instead of shorts. I opened my closet and all the way in the back was a pair of jeans I'd bought about 8 yrs ago back in PA from eBay that hadn't fit when they arrived in the mail. I decided to try them on for the heck of it- and they fit! So I went out shopping in a black t-shirt and leopard print jeans and felt pretty damned good.

    While I was out, I decided to try some new jeans on. I've been wearing my 20W and they are very loose, I need a belt or I could pull them off without opening them LOL. I decided to tempt fate and took an 18W, 16W and a straight 18 and 16 into the try-on room. The 16W and 18 fit! I fit into a non-W pair of jeans! (And the W-size ones were 16, a number I've not seen in about 13-14 years!)

    I've been ecstatic ever since

    Now come on, scale- MOVE!
  • Hooray for you!! Fantastic!!!