3 months...one day at a time:)

  • Hey there!
    So, I'm not at goal yet, far from it..and I know I don't post here often, but I'm always reading other's stories and they motivate me, so hopefully I can in turn, help motivate someone else...
    So I signed up for a gym in the beginning of April, and have worked with a personal trainer 2-3x/wk since then and I've lost 17lbs and 28.25".
    I'm super excited about this, as all my clothes are definitely getting looser, I feel better about myself, so yeah...I just needed to put it all in writing on here!
    I started at 210lbs and am now 193...Onederland is looking awesome, couldn't be happier to be here!
    I plan on working out with my fantastic trainer til the end of the summer (til Sept) and then I'm on my own...so hoping to eventually get to 150, and i just keep telling myself..one day at a time!
    That is all, haha..thanks for reading!
  • Very nice!
  • You're doing fabulously well! Congrats on your weight loss, keep going!