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strawleyl 04-26-2012 01:01 PM

woohooo i fit into my skinny jeans!!!
Ok so I had bought these pants black skinny jeans they were my motivation pants.....sooo I weigh in this morning finally hit my 20lbs down! Tried on my pants n they fit! Omg I was soooo excited I wanted to cry tears of joy! I cnt believe I did it! I thank gos everyday for helping me get through this my hubby my friends n of course this forum. I have had my bad set backs but I'm glad I kno i can do this!
Now my .next goal is to have these pants fit a a bit big!
Woooohoooo cnt wait for my next 20lbs to shed off!!!! ***** happy dance!!******

Steve Troutman 04-26-2012 01:15 PM

Big congrats. You certainly CAN do this. Keep feeding off of your mini-victories and remember that this is a never-ending process. I encounter a lot of people who know everything these is about losing weight but very little about maintaining... not that there's anything substantially different about maintaining. It's just a totally different mindset. People associate "winning" so much with losing that it's hard for them to find success in maintenance.

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