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Default Big surprise today

So I'm in my 33rd week of the weight loss journey. I haven't been weighing myself because I thought seeing how much I had to lose would derail me. I started at 331 pounds. I decided to wait until my company's health risk assessment to weigh in.

Today was my health assessment, and guess how much I weigh? Drum roll please...

245 pounds - down 86 pounds!

I thought maybe 60 or even 70, but not 86! I don't feel like the clothing sizes have been dropping that fast and my gut still seems so huge. But clearly I am doing better than I thought I was.

To make it even better, my blood pressure was 110/58, I kicked butt on total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And best of all, my blood glucose was normal. My dad had diabetes, and my fear of getting it has driven me to take my health seriously.

The only negative: seeing the details sheet with the huge BMI number and the word "obese" in bright red letters. But I will fix that in time.

I want to thank the posters on this board for all of the support and good suggestions. There were times when I wanted to overeat or skip exercise and the support forums kept me strong.

Now I have to figure out how to get one of the trackers on the bottom of my posts to track my weight loss!

Very happy day.
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That is so incredibly awesome! And kudos to you!

Just please don't let this good news derail you or switch up your plan. It's working and you are doing great! You probably averted so many health problems by taking charge of your health and I want you to keep it that way!

So awesome!
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Thanks. Believe me, I worry about derailment all the time. Normally after getting good news like this, I would celebrate -by eating junk food! I would say that I deserved it.

But this time is different. My company has a concierge service, so I ordered them to go to a local seafood supplier that flies in fresh seafood daily. I have never tried it by put decided to celebrate by splurging on some very fresh seafood. So I bought enough fresh salmon and halibut to last the entire weekend. I love fresh seafood. Worth every penny.

So to celebrate, I had fresh salmon and a big bowl of broccoli and cauliflower. Delicious and healthy! I am determined to stay focused and keep going. I have started going to a counselor to help me with my food issues. And this board will help me do it too.
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Congratulations on a great loss and the decision to improve your health.
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Oh wow, that is fantastic!!! I am so impressed! I am one who needs the regular scale feedback to keep me motivated, just shows how different we all are in this process. CONGRATS and keep going!!
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Amazing! You have incredible willpower to hold off on weighing yourself.
Obese is such an ugly word. I prefer to be called voluptuous. should be very proud of yourself.
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It's about time
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WOW!!! That is really incredible. Congratulations! It takes a lot of strength to get that far without checking your progress.
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Great story and great attitude! Keep going strong!
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WOOHOO.....Congrats on the dedication and hard work.
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YOU are doing great!! Keep up the wonderful progress!!
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Amazing job!
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Fantastic! And nice to see another person who started the long road by staying off the scale. I didn't get on the scale until at least 3 months in so I wouldn't be discouraged by how slow it was going but instead be encouraged by seeing a loss.
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Big congratulations! I can't believe you managed to stay off the scale for so long. I admire that perseverance.
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Wow, that is awesome!!! Congrats, on such an awesome achievment KUTGW!
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