NSV - Skinny?

  • Since I started working out and counting calories, my friend at work and my mom have jokingly referred to me as "skinny." But I just laughed it off as good humor and good natured encouragement because I'm no where near my goal weight (150-145.)

    But today, I looked in the mirror and for a second, I did not recognize myself. It was ridiculous how thin my arms, neck and legs are. I said out loud "good grief, i'm skinny!"

    I mean, I KNOW i'm not skinny in the technical terms but compared to what I was at 209, I'm Olive Oyl jk

    thought that was exciting. I guess this is a mini goal because I still want my belly pooch and love handles gone but I have gone from "ugh-ing" when I look in the mirror to being happily surprised
  • Great job!!!! Keep up the hard work!
  • yay! I know how you feel, my colleague called me skinny the other day. I've still got a way to go but its a great feeling isn't it? Keep it up, you're doing amazingly well x
  • Way to Go!
  • thinnerthanhim -- I can identify with you right down to the belly pooch. I just noticed a bone sticking out on top of my shoulders, as in, "I might be bony!" Are you tracking your measurements? Comparing my starting numbers to where I am now is so motivating.

    Congratulations on your success!!
  • yay for you!
    That's awesome! Gotta love when you notice changes on yourself - so enjoy all that hard work! My co-worker says the pounds are "falling" off of me. I can't say those are my thoughts but she notices the change in my body more than I do. Keep it up, Skinny!