Shopping related NSV

  • I was going to wait until I was under 200 pounds to buy some new things to wear but I got home from work one day last week and thought "you look like you picked your clothes out of the rag bin." Everything was saggy and too big. So I decided that the old confidence could use a boost and some new pants.

    As an aside - I have not been able to live in my own house for the last four months because it is undergoing a major renovation - like new foundation major. Anyway I can't even get into my house and I only packed summer clothes (I moved out in June) and now it is cold and definitely not capri weather!

    So I went to the store and I picked out 4 pairs of pants in a size 14 and they fit - like really fit. Not If I wear a sweater they "fit" or if I suck in they fit. And they look good. I wore a new pair today with my new sweater - in a medium! I hazard to say I even looked professional. It's a pretty awesome NSV if I do say so myself.
  • Congratulations! That's AWESOME!!
  • CONGRATS......Your hard work is paying off. I'm cheering you on to goal
  • Thanks guys!