Family Photos that I actually LIKE!

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  • I absolutely hate my wedding pictures from five years ago because of my size. We've had several family photo shoots since our 2.5 year old was born (followed by his 9 month old sister) but I've never been able to bring myself to actually order prints and display them in our home. It's never helped that my husband is tall and actually UNDER weight... so standing next to him in photos always made me feel even bigger in comparison.

    Well two weeks ago we had family photos taken at the beach and I'm actually HAPPY with how they turned out! I'm not to my goal weight yet, but it feels good to finally feel more comfortable in my skin and to FINALLY have photos that I'm proud to hang up!

    Warning... photo overload.

    Oh and the jeans I'm wearing are size 4 Abercrombie jeans that I wore during a brief thin period of my life at age 19 when my husband and I first started dating (I'm now 27) so that made the shoot that much sweeter.
  • BEAUTIFUL pictures! My favorite is the 2nd one.

    You look absolutely fantastic! You should be so proud yourself.
  • great pictures
  • Those are some GREAT family photos! And you say you're not at goal, but honestly, you look phenomenal!
  • You have such a beautiful family. I'm so glad you feel good enough about yourself to display them, which BTW you're look fab! WHOO HOO for you! Maybe next yr I'll be in your place and not hide for the camera when the fam pics are taken. Send me some of your super skinny waves over here!
  • Thank you all! It feels great to finally feel comfortable (most of the time) in my own skin. I'm ready to lose these last few pounds though... I've been hanging at the same weight since the end of June!
  • You look great! And you have a beautiful family!
  • These are such cute photos!! You look so tiny! Congrats
  • These photos are precious and you look amazing, congratulations!
  • Oh wow! Congratulations! Go Abercrombie size 4 jeans You look absolutely stunning, and your family is lovely. The little ones are so cute! Way to go on your weight loss!
  • Fabulous pictures and what a precious family! You go, size 4 girl!
  • Thank you all for the sweet comments!
  • NOthing like turning back the clock with clothes---especially after 2 kids. Congrats and those are GORGEOUS photos. You look so trim and cute!
  • A standing for your pictures of success
  • The pics are gorgeous! My fav is the last one with you and your hubby! I can't wait to have pics taken like this with my and my hubbs when I am closer to goal