I'm getting closer!! Need motivation!

  • Well, I'm getting closer to my goal! I'm down 55 lbs out of the 80 I wanted to lose. I feel amazing! My size 18's are officially too big and I can fit comfortably into my 16's! My hope was to be a 14 by the time I hit 200, which I'm pretty sure I will do...maybe even before then. Yay!

    I used to be on here every day for support, tips, and motivation. And then my computer charger broke! So I've been gone for a while. BUT, I ordered one finally!! So within the week I should be back.

    As I've lost more, the weight loss has slowed down. And I admit that I've strayed more from my diet plan. But I've kept up with the exercise and am still losing. So I just felt the need for some encouragement, and I know all of you have my back Oh, and my hubby has promised me a new couch bag when I hit 200
  • Congratulations on your weight loss so far!! Sounds like you've done an amazing job! I've been in exactly the same position as you many times before, letting up on myself and not being so strict. It's great if you just need to recharge and enjoy life for a bit, but don't let it take over and reverse your weight loss--you've worked too hard to let it creep back on!!

    Make several tiny goals along the way to continually motivate you to keep working hard and staying on track! I currently have a mini-goal for every 2-3 pounds I lose. (A new pair of shoes, new type of makeup, haircut, massage, etc.) It's really helped me this time around stay focused!

    Again, congratulations on how far you've come and good luck on the rest of your journey! you'll do great!
  • Uuuu...nothing but a little designer to inspire you to keep it up! I like it!
  • Awesome job!!
  • GREAT JOB! It's only natural that the weight loss will slow down as you get lower in weight. Right now, I am losing pretty quickly, but 1) I was so big to begin with that I have a lot to lose; 2) I was eating terribly and doing absolutely NO exercise before, so it's easier to cut calories now that I am actually eating well and exercising even just 20 minutes/day. I am sure once I've lost quite a bit, I will start to plateau and have to work harder to lose more.

    Celebrate the mini goal achievements and try not to focus too much on the number. It's awesome that you fit into a smaller size and that you're comfortable in them!
  • Welcome back!
    Hi There, just read your post and I lost my way a bit too over the summer

    So tough with BBQs, family togethers, etc. but I'm back and feeling great.

    You will too. Just remember that even if you strayed and gained a few lbs back you're back and still better off than you were when you very first started your fitness plan. I gained a few lbs back over the summer but not only are those ones gone, I'm 5 lbs lighter than I was when I started slacking off

    Congrats on all the great work so far and welcome back!!