Down to size 8/6 depends on designer

  • Hello Fellow Chicks,

    I am pretty happy that though I am still not at my target weight,12 pounds from it I am still pretty happy with myself. I have reduced from a size 12 (and I was quickly becoming a 14) to a comfortable size 8. For whatever reason, dress pants I am a 6.
    I am not going to get all hung-up on numbers. I am just glad that I am on the right path finally and have lost enough weight to attend an event that I have been waiting to go to.
    I have more to go and the weight has slowed down in coming off, but I am done with the days of beating myself up because the scales are not showing what I want as fast as I want.
  • Congrats!!!!!
  • Well done!! Just stay on plan and you will reach your goal in no time!!
  • You will reach your goal. It may not be tomorrow or next week but it will happen.