Yippee! Down a size!

  • Well, it's been 6 weeks since I really buckled down and started believing that I could lose weight, and I'm down 30.5 lbs! I'm doing Optifast and doing 20-30 min 3x week on my elliptical. It has been hard but NOT terrible.

    My jeans, which were almost too tight for me before, were falling down, so I went shopping today and had to buy one size smaller in both my jeans and my shirt!!!!!! Can't even tell you how happy I am. I modeled them for my family tonight, and everyone was so proud of me! I've got a long way to go, but I know that I can do it now, where I never believed it before!
  • Good job and way to go do u mind telling me a good recipe i really need one
  • Congratulations! That is awesome.
  • Hard but not terrible is just the way it should be! Great job for challenging yourself, and now you get the clothing benefits of it! Keep it up
  • Awesome work!! That is really exciting!! Keep up the fantastic work and motivation!!
  • CONGRATS!! what an awesome feeling :-)
  • I think that's the best feeling. yeah the numbers on the scale may go down but until you fit into a smaller size, you really get that good feeling.
  • That's amazing!!!!!! Keep it up, you've won half the battle just by believing in yourself
  • Way to go...keep up the good work!!
  • Congratulations!!!