Hit 20 pounds LOSS!

  • Ran all the way from the bathroom to the computer in the buff to share!!

    Today couldn't be better:
    20 lbs gone,
    it's payday,
    and Harry Potter tonight !!!

    Have great day too 3FC,
  • Yay
  • Whoo hoooooooo! Well done keep up the good work!
  • WAHOO! Great job! 20lbs is awesome!

    YAY HARRY POTTER, I had a Harry Potter goal of 125lbs for my movie date on Saturday! (HOW THE **** AM I GONNA WAIT THAT LONG!?!)

    HAVE FUN!!
  • woo...! feels awesome eh grats!
  • Way to go!! Great job!!! Keep on,keeping on!!
  • Wtg!!!!!!!
  • Awesome work!! Keep it up!!
  • congratulations!
    way to go!! That's gotta feel great! Hope you enjoy the show - you've definitely earned it!